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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

What a week it has been! It was still cold outside so we didn't do a whole lot of going out but we did get out some. At least it was not raining! One night we went looking at Christmas lights in the neighborhood. It was so cold though!!!! There are also a couple of pictures from music class at the top. As you can see we met Santa Claus for the first time today. Kitt was a little worried at first but warmed up to him once she decided she liked his beard. Garet, on the other hand, did not like that man one little bit!!! Mommy made a video of us as elves which you can check out here. We were also busy this week helping celebrate two special birthdays: Aunt Kristen and GAMA. On Friday we met a new friend, Alex. He and his mommy are at home during the days, too, so Mommy invited them over to play. He is just five days older than us but a LOT bigger! We seemed to like him just fine but when he gets excited he squeals which Garet did not like too much. We know you are probably wondering why Mommy is posting this on Saturday but she is going to be in Macon tomorrow helping take care of our new friend Parker while Aunt LeAnn gets better. We probably won't see her at all tomorrow but we know Daddy will take great care of us.

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  1. GAMA, as always, did a super job in selecting your Christmas outfits - you girls look adorable in all the pictures. However, I do feel sorry for you in the picture where, despite being bundled up, you still look cold! Just a few more days, and I'll be there to help when your mommy drives us home to Pensacola and then soon to the condo on the beach. I replaced all the breakable items on the foyer table with Christmas teddy bears so they should be safe! See you soon. Love you, Granny