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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An old friend

Today we got to see a friend from when we were in the NICU. One of our nurses, Ansley, had a baby of her own and is not back at work yet. She met us at Maggiano's for a lunch date! She couldn't believe how big we have gotten and we couldn't believe how small her baby was. She told us that we were so much smaller than he is now when we were born! After lunch we came home and played here for the rest of the day. The blanket we are playing on in the pictures is really special. Mommy has a good friend in Kansas named Dallas, and her step-mom made us two of these blankets when we were first born and in the hospital. They are great for tummy time because they are big and soft for when we bump our heads! Garet is getting really good with tummy time and likes to lift her head. Kitt has some work to do there but Kitt is really talking a lot. Garet is going to work on teaching Kitt about tummy time and Kitt is going to get Garet talking and laughing more! Have a good night.....

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Monday.....

We had a good day today! Nanny came in the morning to help out around the house and then Mommy and Daddy took us for a walk around the neighborhood. We got to meet the parents of two other sets of girl twins who have given us things along the way. We look forward to getting to play with all these little girls one day when we get bigger. This afternoon Mommy played with us and read to us on the floor. Kitt is laughing more now and Garet is really moving on the floor. She rolled over twice today AND managed to not cry when she did! Garet was so comfy in the bath with Mommy tonight that she fell asleep right in Mommy's arms. She sure was unhappy when Daddy came and got her out. Our new weights for tonight are impressive if we do say so ourselves. Kitt weighs 11 pounds, 3 ounces and Garet weighs 11 pounds, 13 1/2 ounces. We will see you tomorrow!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of the weekend blahs.....

Today all of our company left. We did impress them all by sleeping until 8AM, though, and then waking up so happy! It was sad to tell everyone good-bye but we will get to see everyone again real soon. Mommy also was sad telling them good-bye, but we know she and Daddy are fully capable of taking care of us on their own. We will remind her of that this week! After everyone left, we both went to sleep for about 5 hours. Mommy and Daddy really hope we will be able to sleep with that big long nap so we will see how we do tonight. We also Skyped with Grammy and Granddaddy and then later with GAMA. Daddy was reading to us this afternoon from our Black/White books and showing us the cards. There are pictures below but they say these black and white cards are really good for stimulating babies' vision. We don't really know who "they" are but we've heard Daddy say that Mommy is a marketer's dream! Well, that is about it from here for now. We will see you later this week!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

More family in town!

So we got up today after sleeping all the way through the night and got ready for the day. Mommy's Aunt Trina and Aunt Bonnie came from South Carolina to visit us. Aunt Bonnie had met us once before but Auntie Trina had not met us yet. They were both excited to see us and helped Mommy a lot with us today. These ladies sure do talk a lot, but they have lots of funny stories! We all walked to the Taqueria and got a couple of things at Walgreen's. We came home and played some. Everyone helped out with getting the clothes that Aunt Kristen and Uncle Michael bought us ready to wear. It was a pretty routine day around here except for our aunties......and that was pretty special! We both gained a lot of weight since last night. Kitt weighs 11 pounds, 1 ounce and Garet weighs 11 pounds, 12 ounces. After tomorrow, the visitors really slow down. Mommy and Daddy sure will miss the extra help but as Grandpa says it'll probably nice to have the house to ourselves again! We will miss all the extra attention......

Friday, March 26, 2010

We're home!

We did really well again last night and slept until 7:30 this morning. Then we got up today and packed up the cabin for coming home. Daddy and Grandpa drove us home so Mommy and Granny could stop by the outlet mall just for a little while. We mainly just hung out around the house. Tonight Granny and Grandpa babysat us so that Mommy and Daddy could out to dinner for Mommy's birthday. We sure hope they had a nice job and a good break from us! The only other news to report today is our new weights. Kitt weighed 10 pounds, 15 ounces and Garet weighed 11 pounds, 8 ounces tonight. We are going to sleep now because we have two special visitors coming tomorrow. See you then!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday!

So we had a nice, relaxing day today! The weather was a little dreary and we were so tired from yesterday that we decided to stay at the cabin. Speaking of yesterday, we were so cranky last night before going to bed but once we fell asleep we slept until 9:00AM! We must have really needed it. Mostly today we just hung out around the cabin, took some pictures and played on the floor. Mommy was enjoying relaxing so much that she didn't even change out of her pajamas! She said that's allowed on your birthday. Mommy said this was such a great birthday because she got to spend it with her parents and Daddy AND that we are a part of her life now! We are going back to Atlanta tomorrow and will miss this nice mountain cabin, but we have some more people coming to visit us this weekend. We will see you soon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue Ridge

Today we went to another town called Blue Ridge. There was much more to see and do in Blue Ridge than in Ellijay. We walked around, went in some shops, got a new little bear and lamb, got some ice cream, had lunch, saw a train.......We had a nice surprise when Daddy called and asked how to get to the cabin. He is here now and we were excited to see him! We both slept through the night the past two nights which Mommy has really appreciated. We also took some pictures on the porch but they are on Grandpa's camera so we will have to show them to you later. Tomorrow is a big day! It is our 5-month birthday and also Mommy's birthday. We have to get to bed so we will be ready. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sightseeing around Ellijay

So we had a fun and exciting day in Ellijay today. Before we left the house, though, Mommy realized we had another visitor last night. It looks like a little mouse ate part of her Cadbury's egg! We put anything else that might lure this visitor back into the refrigerator. We drove into town, walked around the town and then Mommy, Granny and Grandpa had lunch at a little restaurant. They said it was delicious! After we had lunch on the bench in the park we got back in the car and drove to an orchard. Nothing is really in season right now but Mommy got some boiled peanuts for her and Grandpa to eat and some fudge for everyone to share. They also got some apples. When we got back to the house, we took some pictures and then played some on the carpet. Grandpa is going to grill out some steaks pretty soon (while we are sleeping) and then we will go to bed later tonight. Tomorrow we are going to another small town. See you then!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mountain fun!

We arrived at the mountain cabin today and are having such a nice time! While we were on our way up here, it started snowing, and it snowed for the whole first afternoon of our stay. It is beautiful up here. We are staying with Mommy on the first floor but there is a catwalk on the second floor with a telescope to see the stars. The back of the house is all windows with an amazing view, although it was snowy/cloudy today. The only downside of the cabin is no one gets cell phone service. For those of you who want to wish Mommy a happy birthday, you will just have to leave her a voice mail! We mostly just hung out with Mommy, Granny and Grandpa today, read some books, took baths, ate a few times and went to bed. It was a good day and we are looking forward to the next few days in the mountains, but we will miss Daddy, too! So for whatever reason and despite her best efforts, Mommy was not able to get any pictures to upload into the blog. Instead, you can see them all in the Snapfish album by clicking here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big plans!

Today we got even more visitors! Granny and Grandpa came to see us. They got here in time to have a celebratory lunch with Aunt Kristen who got a job! After lunch Aunt Kristen left to go home. We had a really fun time with her this weekend and will miss her until we see her again in May. This afternoon Mommy got our clothes packed because we are going to the mountains for 4 days with Granny and Grandpa. They got us a cabin in the woods (with all the conveniences of home, of course). Daddy is going to stay here and get caught up on things, but we know we will have a really good time anyway. Today, Garet rolled over! Mommy was really excited but it scared Garet and she started crying. That is all the news for us tonight. We will post some pictures while we are in the mountains.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A new dress or two?

The first great news of the day is that we both slept all the way through the night! Garet slept until 8AM and Kitt slept until 10AM. Mommy and Daddy were so glad they didn't have to get up during the middle of the night. After our bottles, Mommy and Aunt Kristen went to see if they could find the perfect dress for us. They were successful and got a few other things. Check out all they got and still came in under budget thanks to the Parents of Multiples Consignment Sale. Thanks Aunt Kristen and Uncle Michael for our new clothes! When they got back we were both asleep. Daddy took great care of us while they were gone. We went on a walk to the cupcake store and to Walgreen's to pick up a few things. Mommy read us several books before our bottles. Aunt Kristen and Mommy did our baths, nighttime bottles and put us to bed. Before we went to bed, though, Aunt Kristen was holding Kitt and she laughed!!!!! The only other news to report is our new weights: Kitt weighed 10 pounds, 10 ounces tonight and Garet weighed 11 pounds, 5 ounces!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Shop Away!

We got up early this morning and went to the pediatrician. Garet weighed 11 pounds, 3 ounces and Kitt weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces! The doctor was very happy with our progress. Garet even spit up on Aunt Kristen's brand new J. Brand denim leggings!! She was not too happy but quickly learned to cover her clothes when she is feeding us! Later during the day we went to Virginia Highlands for a nice lunch and then to try to find the perfect dress. The store where we went didn't have much in our size but the lady is going to put some things aside for us next weekend. We might also go to the mall tomorrow to see if there is the perfect outfit there! We came back home and played some while Mommy went through a bunch of clothes that Aunt Kristen brought her. For dinner we walked to the Taqueria and also to the cupcake place right next door. Aunt Kristen helped Mommy and Daddy with baths again tonight and also with the bedtime feeding. We will see you tomorrow and let you know how the shopping trip went.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So we had a busy day! We both woke up at 4:00AM for a little snack but then not again until 10:00AM. We walked with our friend Emily and her Mommy and Grandma to the Taqueria for lunch. Then we went to the new cupcake place in town so Mommy could get a cupcake. Afterwards, we came home and played some before our special visitor arrived. Aunt Kristen came to see us! We had heard so much about her and also from her, but were excited to meet her in person! She has already been a big help. She held us, fed us, helped with baths.....all in less than a two hour span of time. We just heard her telling Mommy how exhausting motherhood is....hmmm! Here are a few pictures from today. We have to go to the doctor tomorrow but are also going to go shopping for new clothes! See you then.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the floor

So we did pretty well last night but Garet woke up around 4:00AM for a little snack. After that, though, we both slept until about 9AM. Our day was pretty normal but we did have some visitors. Courtney, who has come before, came this afternoon. We watched (well, we listened, while Mommy watched) our first Braves game. It was only a spring training game, but we can already tell we will like being baseball fans! Later today, Mommy's friend Michelle came to visit. She talked to us and held us. She was doing a really great job holding both of us until Kitt decided to spit a little. Mommy took over for that. We spent some time on the floor and we really liked the mirror. We would just talk and talk to the other baby in the mirror and she would talk back! We are getting excited because we have a big day tomorrow. See you then!