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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter fun!

So who knew that Easter would be so much fun? Somehow we don't remember having this much fun last year, but then again we were just babies! We got so many cards and presents this week. Even Mommy and Daddy got some cards and presents, too. You can see some of our new things in the pictures below. We also had lots of things to do today, too. We went to church, took quick naps, went to Karol's house for a lot of fun, and then went to the Taqueria for Customer Appreciation Festivities. Somehow Mommy and Daddy managed to make the list for that party! It was a great day. Mommy's friend, Stephanie, took the great pictures of us at Karol's. That reminds us....Steph also did a photo shoot with us a few weeks ago and the pictures turned out great. If you want to see the whole album, click here. You can even order pictures right from that page! We also had some fun play dates this week but Mommy didn't take any pictures. As you can see in the last picture, (although it's not a great picture) we met the Easter Bunny. Let's just say that Garet was trembling when she saw him. Mommy is not sure if the trembling was from fear or excitement!!! We have a few things going on this week but we are excited about Granny coming to help Mommy get ready for our visit to Pensacola for two whole weeks! We will see you next week.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just goofing around

We had another great week although a lot of it was spent hanging out around the house and outside. Our new favorite place to play is in the old playroom (the sunroom) because it has a door to the outside deck. We love going in and out between the two areas. We went with Addie and her mommy to the zoo one day which was fun. Check out the pictures of the lions. You can imagine all the roaring we did that day!!! On Wednesday we had our first day at our new music class. It was fun but Garet took a few minutes to get comfortable. In fact, for the first 10 minutes she just stood in the middle of the circle watching Ms. Jennifer! We had another music class on Saturday for our multiples club playdate. Then we went with Mommy and Daddy up to Sautee, GA. It was beautiful!!! We wish the weather had been that pretty when we took Granny, Grandpa, and GAMA there. Saturday night we went to a 131st birthday think we thought Mommy and Daddy were old! So it was actually three people's birthday: a 60th, a 50th and a 21st. We didn't really care what was being celebrated. We just know we had a fun time playing. Now there is a video below that is for our true's 15 minutes long!!!! We will tell you the best part is at the beginning but for those of you who really like seeing us, we know you'll watch the whole thing. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here, there, everywhere!

Well, we were such busy little girls this week! Sunday night Grammy and Granddaddy arrived for a short visit. On Monday we went with Mommy to Adeline and her mommy's house. You will remember that Adeline is our friend from the NICU. We had such a fun time playing with her, her toys and having lunch on her patio. Then Monday night a really bad storm came through our neighborhood and knocked down trees. It also knocked out our power for two whole days!!! Can you imagine? We went one day without ourbreakfast smoothie and that was not good for anyone! The next morning, Mommy made Daddy take the blender down to a neighbor's house to make it. (Most of our neighbors had power....there were seven houses that took so long to get it back). Not much else was different for us except that we couldn't listen to music during meals. Another day we went with Harry and his mommy, Ashley, to the zoo. It was busy as the school kids had vacation but we still had a fun time. As you can see we really love eating spaghetti (well....really, what don't we love eating?!?!) On Saturday we had a photo shoot and got lots of pictures taken so we will look forward to showing you those. We have some fun things planned this week, too, so we will see you next week!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Missing everyone.....

We had such a great time last week with Granny, Grandpa and GAMA but now we are missing everyone! Emily, Frankie, and their mommy and daddy also moved this past week so we are already missing them, too. All that being said, we had so much fun with everyone here. We went to Imagine It museum one day. Mommy liked having lots of extra eyes to help watch us and we liked having extra attention, too. Kitt, of course, had a great time pushing the grocery cart there and Garet played with everything. Kitt loves grocery carts so much that when we were walking in the stroller with Mommy, we got to Walgreen's and Kitt started crying out and reaching for the carts! One day we went with Granny, Grandpa, GAMA, Mommy and Daddy to the North Georgia mountains. It was a lot of time in the car but it sure is pretty up there. Another day we stayed home and played because everyone was worn out from all the activity. Of course, Granny and Grandpa both worked hard while they were here so we thought we would give them a little rest from all the cleaning, laundry and handyman jobs! Granny and GAMA were in charge of bath time and they were a lot of fun! We were sad when everyone left but we know we will see Granny and Grandpa again in a few weeks and hope to see GAMA again real soon, too! There were so many pictures from this week that Mommy decided to put some of them into a video slide show along with a couple of little video clips for you to enjoy. Also, for any of you who want to look at all the pictures (170 of them) you can see them in the snapfish album by clicking here.