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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Friday was an exciting day because everyone came home! All around the same time on Friday evening, Aunt Kristen, Uncle Mark, Grandpa and Daddy all showed up. We were so glad to see all of them and have been having fun ever since. Earlier in the day we had lunch with Granny's friends while Mommy and Kristin went out to lunch. We sure did enjoy being passed around! Last night Aunt Kristen sure got Kitt tickled and she could not stop laughing. Everyone else thought it was really funny, too! Today is a really hot day so we are hanging out inside and working on the blog, of course. Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark are going to babysit us tonight so Mommy and Daddy can go on a date. We wanted to be sure we posted before they leave.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two days in one :)

Today: We got up this morning and got to our usual routine. After our morning naps, Mommy and Granny took us to the high school where Granny used to work. We had lunch with some of her friends. That is one big school! We went home and took naps again. Tonight we did something that we hadn't done in a while. We went for a walk to the park. Of course, we got in the swings and played for a little while and then we sat on this rocking horse (except it was a train not a horse). Granny held us on it so Mommy could take pictures. It was another great day! Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing Grandpa, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark, who we haven't seen in a few days and DADDY!!!! We haven't seen him in almost three weeks. We have changed a lot since then so we have so many things to show him and tell him.

So here is the account of yesterday: We had a fun day today again! We went with Mommy and Granny to the neighbor's pool and had a great time. We stayed a lot longer than Mommy had planned but we were having so much fun she just couldn't tear us away. We stayed at the house the rest of the day. We didn't even get in our car seats at all! Kristin came over this afternoon to help out with us again, especially when Granny went to have dinner with her friends. We heard from Aunt Kristen and she is glad her big test is over and feels good about it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great-Granny's friend

Today we went to the neighbor's house to go swimming. We had such a nice time kicking and splashing. Kitt leaned back in her float and had a ball. Garet seemed a little bit less relaxed and wanted to lean forward. We fell asleep hard when we got back and then got ready for our afternoon visit. We went to see a lady named Mrs. Chris. She was really good friends with our great-Granny (who you might remember that Garet is named after). She talked to us with her Scottish accent, said rhymes and sang some songs. She had a little tea party for Mommy and Granny. We weren't quite big enough to enjoy the tea and sweets but we will be next time! This afternoon we got to try Cheerio's. Neither of us was quite sure what to do with them but Kitt seemed to be able to swallow them a little better than Garet. Aunt Kristen called us to tell us that she thinks her big test is going well but to pray for her again tomorrow as she takes the last day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking it easy

Today we stayed around the house almost all day. We took naps, played on the floor....the usual! Kristin came over to visit us and so did her aunt and uncle. They have known Mommy since she was a little girl so they were happy to meet us. We went with Mommy and Granny to Applebee's for dinner and had a fun time watching all the people and sitting at the table. We don't really have much else to say but we wanted to be sure to wish Aunt Kristen good luck on her big test tomorrow. We look forward to getting more time with you next week after you're back from the test, Aunt Kristen! Oh, and we love you :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

Yesterday, we hung out with Mommy and Grandpa by going to Village Inn and then just spending time at the house. In the afternoon one of Mommy's friends from a long time ago came over to visit and brought her daughter, Faith. Also last night Granny and her sisters came back from New Orleans. Granny brought us lots of souvenirs! We had dinner with everyone, including Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark. Aunt Kristen left with Grandpa today to take the big test so we sent her a good luck card. Wasn't that nice of us?

So can you believe that we are 9 months old today? Mommy says that in some ways it has flown by and in some ways it feels like ages ago that we were born. Mommy and Grandpa sang Happy Birthday to us individually when we came downstairs. We also went to the mall to walk around and get some photos taken. This included a picture with a puppy at the pet store and also with a birthday balloon. Kristin came over today to hang out with us as she was really missing us after one day :) As you can see in the pictures, Garet decided she was ready to drink from a big person cup. She really liked it until too much water got in her mouth! We will keep practicing. Speaking of practicing, Kitt rolled over a couple of times today and we know it is just a matter of time before she will be rolling all over the place!

Friday, July 23, 2010

All rise....

Kitt and Garet presiding! Granny wasn't here this morning as she went with her sisters to New Orleans so we decided to take it easy on Mommy. We didn't get up until 8:00 or so. We ate breakfast and then Kristin came to help again. We all went to Starbucks to see Aunt Kristen where she was studying for her big test. Then we went to the courthouse to spend some time with Grandpa. He was happy to show us off to some people that he works with. Then he took us all to lunch. We took naps and played. When Grandpa came home he played with us and helped Mommy get us ready for bed. Of course we weren't ready to go to sleep so Mommy and Grandpa stayed up with us. All of Grandpa's work with Kitt tonight must have paid off though as she rolled over all by herself.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're beat!

This morning we met another great aunt for the first time! Great Aunt Joan flew in from Texas. We took some pictures with all of them and then they all left. Mommy's friend, Kristin, came over to help out today and we had such a fun time with her. We played around the house and then went to the mall to walk around, just for a change of scenery with air conditioning. After some naps, we went with Mommy, Kristin, Grandpa, Granny and all the sisters to a really nice restaurant called The Grand Marlin. It had a beautiful view and we can't figure out why people say that tourism is down on the beach. There was no oil, the beach was beautiful and very busy! We drove down the beach for a ways and there were cars and people everywhere. That was it for today.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Finally Did It...

.......Wore Mommy out, that is. But we had such a busy and fun day, we wanted to tell everyone about it. So, we got Grandpa to log us onto the blog tonight. (He's such a slow typist, we weren't sure we'd actually get to blog before it was time to go to bed). We were up at the crack of dawn and talked alot before Mommy came in to get us up. After we had breakfast, it was off to Barnes and Noble for Story Time. A nice lady, Michelle, read us the story, "Going on a Bear Hunt." Granny and Garet really got into the story but Kitt and Mommy preferred walking around the store. From there we went to lunch at one of Mommy's favorite restaurants, Norma's. We tried to get some of Mommy's bread pudding but she wouldn't share. :( After lunch, it was off to the jewelry store where we learned that diamonds are a girls' best friend (don't tell Daddy!). Then when we got home, we had some surprise visitors. Our great Aunts Trina and Bonnie were there waiting for us to get home. It was good to see them at first but they just won't leave us alone now. We aren't sure what Grandpa means when he tells us this is our gene pool, but we get the impression it isn't good. Well, it's time for bed, so goodnight everyone and we'll be back soon. We hope you enjoy today's photos.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's great to be a.....

So we know our Daddy is not going to be as excited about these new outfits as Aunt Kristen but no one can argue that we're not adorable in them! We decided to wear these to wish Aunt Kristen good luck as she finishes studying for her big test. We had another fun day. We ran some errands with Granny and Mommy to KMart, Toys R Us and the mall again. Granny treated Mommy to a facial so Granny stayed with us this afternoon. That was it for today! We're sorry some of the pictures are sideways....Mommy thought they were turned the right direction.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Driving already?

So many different things to report today! First, we wanted you to see the new elephant dresses that Mommy sewed for us. We really liked the ribbons on the shoulders in our mouths! We went to the mall today to walk around and we decided to try our hand at driving. We got in the NASCAR for Daddy and tried out a Model-T, too. You don't have anything to worry about it for a while though as our feet couldn't even reach the pedals! Mommy's friend, Kristin, came over for a visit this afternoon, too. She got here while we were sleeping but when we woke up she was here! Tonight in the bathtub, Kitt put both feet in her mouth. While you might be wondering why that's a big deal, Miss Cheryl, the physical therapist, has been trying to get her to do that for weeks. Mommy was very excited!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gone fishin'

Not really but check out this boat behind us! We went with Mommy, Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark to a delicious lunch at The Fish House. They had this huge fish tank inside with lots of fish. It's so big that a man gets inside it and swims around to clean it out! The rest of the day we pretty much took it easy.