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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lots of surprises!

We sure are enjoying the time we get to spend with Granny and Poppy, but we also had some fun surprises this week. Aunt KK (as Garet now calls Aunt Kristen) came from Washington, DC to visit us, and of course so did Uncle Mark. The biggest surprise was that Daddy came for the weekend. We think that our block message from last week worked and he couldn't stay away from us! In any case it was another fun week. You might notice several pictures that involve food but let us explain. You can see how much Kitt loves the new yogurt dip Granny bought for her. Kitt is a terrible double dipper but if you come to visit us, you can have your own container! Mommy also wanted to be sure she posted a picture of Kitt's first ever sandwich since Mommy found some bread here that Kitt can eat. We both really loved our sandwiches. We got to spend some time with Auntie Kristin, too, and really enjoy all of the new adventures every day. One day we had a professional photo shoot that was a gift to Mommy and Granny from Aunt KK and Uncle Michael for Mother's Day. It was a little hot when we went but we looked pretty, of course, and Mommy will be ordering some pcitures soon. This is our last week here so we hope to make the most of it. We hope you enjoy the fun pictures of the week and also the little video!

Sunday, July 24, 2011's all the same to us!

We are having lots of fun at Granny and Poppy's house on our vacation. Mommy says that all the days are the same to her but we are still having fun. Yes, it has been confirmed that Poppy will be the name we use! We have had some new adventures since we've been here such as our first swim lessons and our first popsicles. The swim lessons went pretty well. As you might have guessed, Garet was not a huge fan but Kitt loved them...even going under the water. We have enjoyed seeing Auntie Kristin a few times and we also were especially excited to get to see Calvin and his mommy and daddy. You might remember that Calvin's mommy and daddy and our mommy all went to college together in Texas. It was fun playing with Calvin at the Naval Air Museum and in the pool in our front yard. We try to go swimming most days so that we can practice what we are learning in swim lessons. Yesterday, we went downtown to the produce market and got caught in the rain! There is a picture of us with Granny sitting and waiting for the rain to stop. Mommy always worries that we won't sleep real well in a new place but that is not the case here! We have been sleeping great at night and also during naptime....maybe it's because we get so tired during the day! We wanted to include a special picture that is a message for Daddy. We are having lots of fun but we miss him lots, too! We hope you have a fun week like we know we will.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the road again....

What a week this has been! At home Nanny taught us to eat cereal from a bowl all by ourselves. Mommy took a few pictures so you can see how great we are doing! Now we also thought we would try our hand at feeding ourselves yogurt and that was not quite as neat. There are pictures of that, too! Kitt has figured out how to get out of her crib. You might be wondering how Mommy and Daddy discovered this. Around midnight one night, Kitt was crying and Mommy looked at the monitor to see Kitt straddling the top bar! Imagine everyone's surprise. The next day the crib tent you see below arrived at the door. We went with Mommy one day to the center where she worked before we were born. It was fun for her to see so many kids that were in Kindergarten when Mommy met them and now they are in middle school. We think it made her feel a little old, too, but she's not saying that. We had a fun play date at the park with some of our friends. There ended up being six babies there so it was a lot of fun. One highlight of our week was going to Sautee to see some really good friends. We even met four people for the very first time even though they have known about us and have been following us for a while! Finally we made it to Pensacola for a three week stay with Granny and PaPa (or Poppy, depending on what Garet is calling him on any given day). We are already having such a fun time hanging out with them and also with Auntie Kristin. Tomorrow we have our first swim lesson so we are going to get a good night's sleep so that we are ready for it. We hope you have a fun week although it probably won't be as fun as ours!