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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing and bouncing and climbing....

Well this was another very busy week for us. Kitt had an exam under anesthesia on Monday to have her eye checked. Doesn't she look adorable even in a hospital gown? The exam went great and she was home before Garet even woke up for the day! We went to story time at the library and met lots of other kids. There was another set of girl twins there, too. On Tuesday we were so excited to get to see Aunt LeAnn and meet Parker! While Kitt had a great time that day, Garet was especially interested in Parker. Speaking of girl twins we went to Hippo Hopp to play with some of our twin friends. We had such a fun time bouncing. Nanny came too that day which allowed Mommy to take more pictures. Not only did we go to Hippo Hopp once this week but we also went yesterday. We love bouncing and climbing all over the place there. Today we had planned on doing something outside after our naps but can you believe Mommy and the two of us napped until 4:30?!?! Needless to say we didn't make it out but we did take a nice walk with Mommy and Daddy. We also hope you enjoy the video of us laughing! See you next week.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making up for lost time

Well as promised, Mommy took us all over this week! She said she was so tired of being cooped up the week before that we were going to get out just because we could :) We went to the coffee shop to see our friends Jen and Jennifer; Sam's Club to go shopping; two different malls; the shoe store for a real shoe fitting; Hippo Hopp with some of our twin friends and their mommy; church dinner; music class; Emily and Frankie's was one busy week but we had a lot of fun. Who knows what this week will hold?! Tomorrow Kitt has to go to the hospital for an exam under anesthesia for her eye but it's all routine so no need to worry. There are two fun videos from this week, too. Some of you mentioned to Mommy that you thought you heard Garet saying "uh-oh" in the ball pit. Truthfully, she says it A LOT so here's a video to prove it. The other video is of Garet dancing to the music that she is playing on her house and of Kitt right in front of the camera. Enjoy! See you next week....