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Sunday, November 14, 2010

One fish, two fish, a million fish!

We told you we had a big week planned last week so here it is. On Monday we went with Emily and Frankie (and their Mommy, of course) to the Georgia Aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in the wouldn't believe this place! We had a really fun time there and saw lots of fish. We even say a gator. For some reason we were expecting it to be orange and blue but this one was white. We went to Einstein's Bagels with Emily, Frankie and their mommy twice this week and got to meet Mommy's cake decorating teacher there. The last time Mommy saw him, we were still in her tummy. We were supposed to go down to Macon and meet Parker but Kitt got a runny nose and Mommy didn't want us to be responsible for giving such a new baby a cold. We might try again this week. Yesterday we had a really fun day, too as it was Emily's 2nd birthday party. There were lots of games for the big kids but Emily's Mimi and Aunt Martha walked us around the cake walk game. Almost every day this week we have been on the swing set and we love it! Most days, Emily and Frankie came down to swing, too or we went on walks. Our friend Jillian came over on Tuesday and we all walked to the taqueria for lunch. We spent a lot of time with Daddy this weekend as Mommy wanted to rest which we loved! There are a couple of real short videos that we thought you might like. Garet has just started doing this new thing after she takes a bite of food where she does a little dance. Mommy tried to get it on video. The second one is Kitt practicing crawling. She is getting so much better even since the video was taken.


  1. Another busy week for you girls with lots of fun things. I love all the photos and videos. I'll bet you're anxious to meet Parker, too. Hopefully, Kitt will be feeling better and you'll be able to take a day trip to Macon this week. Have a good week and I'll be looking forward to the next blog. Love you lots! Grandpa

  2. Hi Angels!
    Don't you worry about that ugly white gator. You will see plenty of the orange-and-blue ones when you are between the ages of 18 and 22 or so. :) Just like your Grandpa, I loved your photos and videos this week. And I have to say how dashing your outfits were; you sure are the most stylish babies I've ever seen!!!!! Kitten, was that you I heard coughing while Garet was dancing?! You poor thing: You just never recovered from that time your Granny made you sick, huh?! You're looking great crawling, though. Keep practicing!!! Have a wonderful week, girls; I can't wait to see your blog next Sunday! All my love and kisses and hugs always...Aunt Kristen