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Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a week!

We tried and tried to get Mommy to take more pictures this week, but there are not many. We told her the only way to make up for that would be to add some video so there are three videos to watch! So we have had a busy week indeed. On Monday we went on errand after errand and were so tired. When we were at the Dollar Store, Mommy was paying and Garet reached over and pulled down the whole box of Kit Kat bars. As if that wasn't bad enough, while Mommy was cleaning that mess up Garet reached over and pulled the whole box of Junior Mints down!!! On Tuesday we went to the polls and voted! Mommy really wanted to take a picture of us in there, but there were signs everywhere that said no pictures. Oh well! Another time during the week, we walked up to Walgreen's. We were walking around minding our own business when this lady came up and said "Well, that's a boy and a girl for sure!!!" Mommy was a little more disturbed by this comment than we were but she set her straight. At the end of the week, Mommy had to leave for a day AND a night! She went to be with Aunt LeAnn at the hospital for the birth of her baby, Parker Wesley Johns. We haven't met him yet but we are sure we will be good friends one day soon! Daddy took great care of us while Mommy was gone, but we sure did miss her. We have some exciting things planned for this week so stay tuned to read about them next weekend.


  1. Loved the update and especially the 3 videos. You girls have been very busy. Grandpa enjoyed Skyping with you yesterday and maybe next time you'll give me a little smile. :) Have a good week. Love you lots!!!

  2. Kitten, you're crawling!!!!! I'm so proud of you; I knew you'd get the hang of it soon. It's a lot of work, though, huh? Just keep trying to do a little bit more each day, and before you know it, you'll be playing with the ball with your Daddy just like Garet! Speaking of Garet, tell her to behave herself this week! We don't want her embarrassing Granny when she takes you back to her all-time favorite store!
    Love you both lots and lots and lots!
    Aunt Kristen
    P.S. Please send your Aunt LeAnn a big "Congratulations" for me!

  3. Good morning girls, I was so looking forward to your weekly blog, and it was well worth the wait! I thoroughly enjoyed the videos showing you two in action! It's great that you seem to enjoy such a variety of good healthy foods! Yes, the dollar store is one of my favorites; and when you are bigger and can shop with me, we will find lots of treasures for you. I'm looking forward to your next blog and to seeing you at Thanksgiving. Keep "bugging" your mommy to take lots of pictures of you! Love you lots, Granny