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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A special day

So Aunt LeAnn and Parker came over on Saturday and we had lots of other people over, too, who wanted to meet Parker. It was a fun day and there are some pictures below from it. It looks like Aunt LeAnn is teaching Garet how to take pictures but don't worry, Grandpa, she will need a refresher one day! Kitt is really having a fun time lately on the school bus and also in the tunnel while Garet has gotten to be quite a climber. She climbs up onto the slide by herself and somehow managed to climb on the couch by herself, too. Lookout Mommy! Kitt is still cruising around furniture very well but not quite taking steps by herself. Physical therapy is going great but this week Miss Nancy came over for the session and Kitt was so tired she just fell asleep right there! Garet is taking more steps all by herself but still prefers crawling to walking. We've got to run as we are all going down to Emily and Frankie's house to play while the grown-ups watch a football game.


  1. Way to go, girls! You're really growing and making wonderful progress. I love seeing you play with your friends. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday!!! Lots of love to you from Grandpa!

  2. Ladies!
    You look adorable this week, as always! Garet, you're sure getting quite the curls, huh? They are beautiful - just like you. And Kitt you look absolutely perfect!!! And ain't no shame about sleeping during your PT session; you're like your Aunt Kristen (and your Granny): When you need to sleep, you need to sleep!!!
    I hope you have another fun week. I can't wait to see you both very soon.
    Lots and lots and LOTS of love!
    Aunt Kristen
    P.S. Please be sure to tell your Mommy that I'm so glad to see that everyone's nose is clean this week. :)

  3. Hi Sweethearts!
    I hope you had a fun time at your first Superbowl party. I am glad you both got to spend more time with Aunt LeAnn and Parker and Frankie and Emily.
    Garet, I can't believe that you can get up on the couch all by yourself. You are very resourceful, young lady!
    Kitt, you really do look good driving that bus. Just make sure you don't run over someone! You must have been very tired to have fallen asleep when Nurse Nancy came OR were you just trying to get off doing your PT???
    Have fun this week!
    Love, GAMA

  4. We had such a great time! Thanks for letting us come over and play... when are we going to see you again? Love to you both!

  5. Good morning Kitt and Garet, I so enjoy looking at your blog. I check in every day just to look at your pretty faces - sometimes more than once a day. I love the new shoes your mom bought you - they'll be great for playing outside. Kitt, I'm wondering if the boy in the bus is the same boy who took your play phone away from you in the church nursery??? He seems to like "taking over" your toys!! On the other hand, he is doing a good job at making Garet laugh. I hope this will be fun week for you. I'll be checking your blog again tomorrow. Love you so much, Granny