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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A walk at the zoo

So let's see.....on Monday, Emily and Frankie invited us down to play in their bounce house (it's like they have a part of Hippo Hopp in their backyard!!!). Kitt had an appointment so Mommy and Garet went down first. For about 30 minutes, Garet just sat inside. Emily was trying to get her to play with no luck. Daddy brought Kitt over after her appointment and as soon as she saw the place, she immediately started sliding down the slide. Once Garet saw Kitt was doing it, Garet finally started playing. We had such a fun time playing there. Monday was also Valentine's Day. Daddy helped us surprise Mommy with some chocolate dipped strawberries and a handmade card. There is a picture below so you can see it, too. The weather this week was finally nice so Mommy decided to take us to the zoo not once, but twice. Good thing for season passes as Christmas gifts! As you can see in the pictures we weren't really sure what was going on around us but we enjoyed the walk in the stroller. Right now it's like a walk in another neighborhood but we know we will come to enjoy it more and more each time we go! On Saturday, we went with Daddy for a really long walk in Piedmont Park and then we had lunch with our friend (and Mommy and Daddy's friend, too), Jillian. What a fun day! We are really excited about this week because we have some really special visitors coming to see us....Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark will be here soon. Stay tuned for the update next weekend!


  1. Good morning girls, Your blog is the highlight of my week. I always enjoy viewing your activities for the week. It's great the weather has turned warmer because I know you love being outside. That was one "mean looking" gorilla you were sitting beside; however, the panda bear looked adorable. Did your mommy share any of her chocolate covered strawberries with you? I know you're too young for such goodies, but soon you will begin eating strawberries. Have a fun week, and I am anxiously awaiting my visit with you this weekend. Until then, I love you so much, Granny

  2. Hello my sweet little darlings,

    What a beautiful card you girls created for Mommy! Wow, you may not be talking yet but you certainly write very well. I am sure Mommy loved the card and ate one or two of the strawberries! I trust she shared them with Daddy.

    Hmmm, it seems like neither one of you were all too interested in the exciting animals in the zoo. At least your Mom enjoyed the zoo and you all got nice fresh air.

    That is some fantastic bouncie house that Emily and Frankie have! It is so nice that you all share your different toys.

    So rest up for all of your company coming next weekend!

    Love, GAMA