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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Like Mommy said, we have been busy this week, but we didn't go many places! Grammy and Granddaddy stayed a couple of days after everyone else left so we spent a little time with them. One day we went with Mommy, Emily, Frankie and their mommy for pizza and then to the new Dollar General store! We also went to the Taqueria twice this week! We are learning how to eat rice and Mommy has decided it really is better if we learn to eat rice somewhere besides our house as it is a little bit messy. There are a lot of pictures of us eating this week...hmmmm!!! We are eating some new foods: cottage cheese and avocado seem to be our new favorites and we are getting real milk instead of just formula. Also speaking of eating, there are some more teeth sprouting up in our house. Garet has five teeth (or the start of five teeth) and Kitt has two bottom teeth but nothing up top quite yet. Clearly, our lack of teeth isn't slowing down our eating! There are some pictures below of us playing with some of our new toys. We seem to love all of the musical instruments a lot right now! It even looks like Kitt is doing a little catalog shopping, too. Tonight we were really hoping to get to see some trick-or-treaters and we waited and waited outside for them but none came before we had to go to bed. Next year, it will be different!!!! Kitt is working with her new physical therapist now and is really getting good at crawling. Hopefully Mommy will make a video of it later this week.


  1. Happy Halloween to you too, girls. I'm sorry you didn't get to see any trick or treaters in Decatur. There was no shortage here in Pensacola. As soon as I'd sit down, the door bell would ring again. But it's quiet now. Have you learned to play any songs on your musical instruments yet? I can only imagine the noise you are making!!! It looks like you're both enjoying the new swing set and the new food your Mommy is letting you sample. You're both looking cute as ever and I'll be looking forward to your next blog. Love you!!!

  2. Hi Angels!
    I've missed you so much; your updated blog and pictures were such a treat for me!!!!! I'm sure your Granny is thrilled to hear that you've been introduced to the Dollar General store. (I hope you liked it b/c you're likely to go every day when she's around!) You look adorable in your big warm sweaters too. It's getting cold, huh?
    I am so happy to see you! I hope you have a wonderful week.
    I love you very much,
    Aunt Kristen