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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sleeping less....playing more!!

Since we have been back from Granny and Grandpa's we have changed our schedule. We have been sleeping a little later and then not taking a morning nap. This means we have lots more time to play in the mornings! We are taking an afternoon nap, of course, but like being able to do other things in the mornings. In the pictures from the week you can see us playing with some of the new things we got for Christmas. Kitt's physical therapist was so happy with all the progress, and we must say, Kitt really is moving around a whole lot. Garet is practicing her walking a little bit but she is such a fast crawler that she normally just crawls. Today we went to church and we got to be Queens in the parade. They have a parade where all the kids wear crowns and march around the church as part of the "Breaking up Christmas" service on Epiphany Sunday. We must admit this was a bit of a lazy week as we were re-adjusting to being back at home and the first couple of days we didn't even get dressed!!! They are predicting a winter storm coming through so if we have some snow pictures we might post them tomorrow. We aren't making promises but you might check if you get some time! See you soon......


  1. Kitt and Garet, I laughed out loud looking at your pictures. You seem to be "loving" all your Christmas presents - what big girls you are sitting at your new table. I can see that you are spending time downstairs so you should have plenty of space to enjoy all those toys. I hope you get to see snow tomorrow, but I hope you don't lose power! I'm looking forward to the next time I see you. Love you, Granny

  2. It was great seeeing all of your weeks activities girls. I especially like the pictures of you crawling through that play tunnel. It looks like lots of fun and I think I'll try crawling through it myself with you next time I visit. Do you think I'll be able to fit in it? I'm also happy you are adjusting to your new schedule. Does that mean you are sleeping all through the night now? I'll be checking back in with you tomorrow to see if you got to build a snowman! The weather in Pensacola is supposed to be nasty tomorrow too but I don't think we'll be having any snow. Bye for now. Love you lots! ...Grandpa

  3. My goodness, it is a good thing that you two have such a big house to hold all of your new toys from Christmas. Wow, those are a lot of vehicles and rocking toys you have. I especially love the bus with the slide on it. If you keep using these toys, they will help you maintain your girlish figures.

    So, now it looks like you have expanded to the basement for your play area. Soon, you'll move into the downstairs guest area and all of the guests will have to move to a hotel. Oh no!!!!!!!

    I also love the table and chairs. I look forward to having afternoon tea with both of you when I come in March.

    Much love, GAMA