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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making up for lost time

Well as promised, Mommy took us all over this week! She said she was so tired of being cooped up the week before that we were going to get out just because we could :) We went to the coffee shop to see our friends Jen and Jennifer; Sam's Club to go shopping; two different malls; the shoe store for a real shoe fitting; Hippo Hopp with some of our twin friends and their mommy; church dinner; music class; Emily and Frankie's was one busy week but we had a lot of fun. Who knows what this week will hold?! Tomorrow Kitt has to go to the hospital for an exam under anesthesia for her eye but it's all routine so no need to worry. There are two fun videos from this week, too. Some of you mentioned to Mommy that you thought you heard Garet saying "uh-oh" in the ball pit. Truthfully, she says it A LOT so here's a video to prove it. The other video is of Garet dancing to the music that she is playing on her house and of Kitt right in front of the camera. Enjoy! See you next week....


  1. Girls, it's evident you did have a fun week just by looking at all the pictures. What an exciting week, and I think you did make up for that week spent at home. I love the big girl shoes that you are wearing - maybe they will help you to walk; although, you both manage to get around just fine by crawling or leaning on things to use as props to guide you around the room. Have another fun week. Love you lots, Granny

  2. These photos and videos are great! Glad you all had such a good time this week and that you got to do so many fun things. Love you lots!!!

  3. By the looks of the that first picture, I think that doll needs goggles, too.

  4. Hello Girls,

    I agree with Mark. That poor baby doll needs to be cuddled rather than attacked. Please give her a hug -- lightly though.

    Kitt, you look like a pro driver behind the wheel of that race car, especially with your glasses on. I also saw that Emily looked very comfortable with you driving her around. Good luck with the exam tomorrow. Hope it goes fine and fast.

    And Garet, I thought that was you saying, "Uh oh!" I am glad your Mommy confirmed it. For some reason, I think you will be saying that a lot!!! I must say that you look really cool wearing that big flat hat.

    I can't wait to go to Hipp Hopp with you two. I think we will have lots and lots of fun.

    Please thank your Mommy and Daddy for all of the really wonderful pics and videos!

    Love, GAMA

  5. Good Morning Kitt and Garet - Today is January 25 which makes you 15 months old. Happy Birthday. Your Aunt Kristen started walking when she was 15 months old, and then your mommy was born about two weeks later - what a busy time that was for Granny. I hope you have a fantastic "birthday." Love you lots, Granny