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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can you say cabin fever?!?!?!

Well remember the snow from last week that we were so excited about? Can you believe that it turned to ice and we did not leave our house, even for a walk, until Saturday! It was unbelievable. Schools closed for the whole week; stores closed; even doctors closed. One day Daddy managed to get out of the neighborhood so Mommy asked him to pick up some bananas. There is a picture below of what the banana shelf looked like! There are several pictures of us hanging out inside and some pictures of our play room at the end of one day. Thank goodness Emily, Frankie and their mommy were able to come over and play every day towards the end of the week. The video is from one of those days. We did have music class yesterday which we are still enjoying and went for a walk with Daddy today. Mommy has already promised us that we are going somewhere every single day this week just because we can! Hopefully that will result in lots of pictures but we'll see.


  1. You may have been snowed in girls, but it looks and sounds like you had lots of fun doing indoors things and playing with Emily. What a good friend she is! I really enjoyed Skyping with you this afternoon and look forward to doing it again soon. Take care and have fun going lots of places this week. Love you! ... Grandpa

  2. As the expression goes, "Yes, we have no banannas today." That sure was an empty shelf. Good thing your Mommy stocks up on food so you didn't go hungry this week. Emily sure is a great friend. Looks like you girls really love being with her. Was that my imagination or did one of the three of you say, "Uh oh" in the very adorable video?
    Well, at least for this year, I hope you don't encounter any more snow storms like the one you had last week. Although, you did not seem to be bored. Perhaps it is Mommy who is projecting her feelings on you two???
    Love, GAMA

  3. Hi Beauties!
    Looks like snow day = pajamas day, at least for one of the four days, huh?! I don't blame ya, though: I wouldn't have gotten dressed either! (In fact, as your Uncle Michael likes to point out, sometimes I don't get dressed even on perfectly fine days!) I know you were bored this week, but, selfishly, I enjoyed all the extra pics and texts you sent me to fill the time. :) It was a special treat for your Aunt Kristen and really did make my week. I can't wait to see what your Mommy has in store for you this week.
    Until next Sunday, LOTSA hugs and kisses and special thoughts headed your way.
    I love you,
    Aunt Kristen
    P.S. Kitten, you look adorable in your glasses!!! I'm so glad to see you wearing them: your Aunt Kristen is a worried walrus, after all.

  4. Girls, I'm so glad you have each other for company. You seemed to have such a good time playing together, and I know Grandpa rests easier knowing Kitt has on her glasses. He was so worried when Emily was throwing those balls! I feel sure this will be a fun week for you as you venture to fun places outside in the fresh air. Enjoy every day. I loved seeing your blog this week, and I love you lots. Look for some more pants to come in the mail this week. Granny