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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is in the air!

We had some fun adventures this week! We went to the library for story time on Monday where we enjoy playing with their toys and singing songs. We had our friend Adeline and her mommy, Cate, over one day. After we played for a little while we all went to the Taqueria for lunch. As you can see in the pictures and the videos, we are really getting good at moving around outside. Kitt will walk as long as someone is touching her (even with just a pinky finger) so we know she will be tearing around like Garet real soon! Mommy had a little mishap with the real video camera this week so the other one will have to do for a while. She's getting much better at editing our videos, don't you think?!?!?


  1. Loved your blog this week, as always, Miss Kitt and Miss garet! Isn't it fun being outside in the sunshine? Grandpa and I will be with you this time next week, and we can hardly wait. Granny has lots of Florida strawberries to bring to you. Have a fun-filled week. Lot you lots, Granny

  2. Wow! Grandpa is truly impressed with the marvelous progress you have been making girls. Garet, you are not only walking but I love the way you try to move brick walls with your scooter. It looks like you've learned how to turn the scooter instead of just shaking it and hoping the object will move. :) And you looked so grown up in the big girl swing! And Kitt, you did such a good job getting on your scooter all by yourself, even if it was backwards one time. I can tell you girls are happy that the warm spring weather is here. I think you like playing outdoors quite a bit. The video was really good, too. Your Mommy did a great job editing it and putting it to music, too. I'm looking forward to seeing you next Sunday. Until then, take care! Love you lots! ...Grandpa

  3. Hi Angels!
    First off, let me just say that Kitt, your auntie(s) love(s) you too!!! (I'm referring to the T-shirt you're wearing in the video and first picture. You're so stylish to pair it with those floral pants and blue socks and shoes! And your beauty makes it even MORE smashing!) I loved watching you both play in the backyard this week. You sure are good at moving around! How are those animal sounds coming along? Please tell your Mommy what an excellent job she did editing the video this week and that Aunt Kristen can't WAIT to see next week's! Until then, have a wonderful week, my beauties.
    I'll love you forever,