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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a week!

Now that we are both getting so mobile, Mommy sure does have her hands full during the day! This week we went to Hippo Hopp with a bunch of other mommies but we did not really stay all in the same place (or even in the same place as each other) which would have made things a little easier for Mommy. We spent a lot of time with Emily and Frankie again this week and even hosted a "come back soon" party for them at our house. Mommy had a birthday this week so we got her a special present: a massage to make her back feel better after lifting the two of us all the time. Speaking of lifting the two of us, Kitt is really getting good at taking steps on her own, and of course, Garet is a little speed demon! On Wednesday we went to Macon to visit Aunt LeAnn and Parker for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Aunt LeAnn took some pictures while we were there but Mommy will have to get them before next week. So our other exciting news for the week is Granny and Grandpa arrived today and they are going to stay for most of the week. Of course, they came with lots of surprises for us! They also brought us a whole flat of strawberries which we both loved. Kitt decided she really liked to eat them whole so she had five or six all on her own. We are all really excited that GAMA is also coming tomorrow. We have not seen her in way over a year so we can't wait! We will have some fun pictures and videos next week......

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  1. Mmmmmm...strawberries sure are yummy, aren't they, Angels? When we were little, your Mommy, Uncle Michael and I would dip them in powdered sugar and eat entire cases all by ourselves in one sitting! Maybe your Mommy will make them like that for you one day.
    In other news, I hear you ladies have a new trick: Do you really know where your bellies are?! Maybe you can show me when I see you in just a couple of months, which, btw, I cannot WAIT for.
    Have a wonderful time with your company this week. I'm jealous I can't be there as well. :(
    Love you lots and lots,
    Aunt Kristen