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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Will videos suffice?

So Mommy has done a really horrible job taking pictures this week but she has taken some video. She is taking a class for college (we'll go there someday) and she has to edit video for the class so she is using us to practice. (We didn't tell her this but she needs a lot more practice with the editing. We told her it would be a lot easier with an apple computer). Anyway, moving on! We had a fun week. We spent some time with Emily, Frankie and their mommy. We have to get lots of time in with them because they're moving a whole state away pretty soon. Our one trip to Hippo Hopp this week was a bit of a bust because it was packed. Apparently everyone goes there when it's raining. BUT we got our very own bouncy house and there is some video of it below. It is so much fun....we especially love the slide! Kitt got a grocery cart which she loves and we are both learning what animals say even though Mommy only got video of Garet showing off. You might think she needs a little more practice but she does a lot better with it when there is not a camera in her face. We had a really fun day yesterday taking two long walks and hanging out with both Mommy and Daddy. We guess that is it for now. We will see you next weekend hopefully with pictures and some well-edited videos! We will keep working with Mommy on her editing skills :)


  1. Hi Girls! I enjoyed watching your videos and especially loved hearing you laugh as you played in the bouncey house. That is a new addition since I saw you last. It looks like you really have fun playing in it. Garet you have come a long way making your animal sounds and Kitt you are really walking well now. Keep up the good work girls. And Kitt what were you cooking up in your play kitchen? Have a good week girls and I'll be looking forward to seeing some more videos next week. Love you lots! ...Grandpa

  2. Hello girls,
    Those videos were fantastic. If I knew I would be seeing the videos tonight, I could have saved $12 by skipping my Friday night movie. The videos were much better! I loved the stars of your video show!

    I can't wait to see you both in just a couple of weeks. I am especially anxious to play with you in the new bouncy house. It looks like sooooooooo much fun. Kitt, I never heard you giggle so much as when you were coming down the slide. And, Garet, you are a little terror pushing around your little toys. My goodness, you are fast!

    Will you girls be learning more animal sounds? How about cat and dog sounds?

    Finally, I am so sorry that Emily and Frankie and their Mom will be moving soon. They have been such good playmates. I hope you all will get to visit from time to time.

    Have a fun week!



  3. Girls! it really is like a day care at your house :), now you don't have to go anywhere since you have your very own bouncy house! How exciting!! I'm so impressed with how fast you girls were walking... I'm sorry we didn't get to see you last week but hoping it works out this week. Parker misses his girlfriends! Mom did a great job with editing the video....

  4. Hello Sweeties, I LOVED the videos - especially the giggles. Kitt, tell your mommy you need food in your refrigerator and something besides balls in your shopping cart! GAMA was right when she said Garet walks so fast - that's how you burn calories!! I'm counting down the days until I see you this month. Love you, Granny

  5. Look at them walking!!! Wow! Love the video editing! I think you did a great job of editing and adding music (this coming from someone who just learned how to upload a video). Love hearing Kitt's little laugh when she comes down the slide too!