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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Choo Choo

We had another fun week with lots of different activities! We had some play dates with some friends. We also had a fun weekend with our Aunt Bernadette. She played with us and even came along for music class. Garet has been talking about riding a choo choo for a week now so we finally went to ride one. We both liked it but she isn't talking about riding anymore--not sure why. While we were at the mall we also saw a fire truck with real fire fighters. They had hats for us which we wouldn't wear while we were there but we like wearing them around the house. There are lots of pictures of us hanging out at home with Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Bernadette. There is also a little video of Garet telling who she wants to hug! We hope you have a fun week. We are hoping for some fun things to do and are hoping we get to see Aunt LeAnn and Parky tomorrow!


  1. Good morning girls, What a busy week you two have had, and it was special because Aunt Bernadette came to visit you. She looked like she had fun playing outside with you. I noticed a new board where Kitt was drawing; or could it be that she was writing Granny a letter? I'm glad you finally got to ride on the choo choo train Garet. If Parker is coming today, I'm sure your mom will have some fun things planned after story time at the library. Have a great week. I'm sending you lots of love and kisses.xoxo Grannhy

  2. Well, hello girls. I'm happy you had such a fun filled week and were able to do so many neat things. I'm especially happy that you were able to spend time and play with your Aunt Bernadette. I'll bet she enjoyed spending time with you, too. Was the choo-choo ride fun? Did the train blow its whistle? And I see you were able to meet some real fire fighters. I'll bet that was fun for you, too. Garet, I'm a little bit disappointed after watching this week's video. I heard you say you wanted to hug Granny and Mok and Aunt Kristen, but I didn't hear anything about wanting to hug Poppy. Maybe next time! Hopefully, you'll be able to play with Parker this week. I have to go for now, so have a fun filled week and maybe we can Skype this weekend. Love you lots! ...Poppy