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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not really cooperating!

We're sure the title of this blog has you thinking, "Surely whoever is typing is not talking about us!!!" We went to two fall festivals on Saturday and refused to put on our costumes! The first one had a costume parade and prizes but we didn't seem to care. Instead, Garet wanted to play in the bounce house the whole time and Kitt wanted to sit at the craft table and draw the whole time. Good thing Mommy brought a helper! Speaking of costumes, Garet was not too happy when the Chick-Fil-A cow showed up. In fact she was yelling for the cow to go and telling it bye! We also went to the fall festival at the place where Mommy used to work. Lots of people were excited to see Mommy and meet us for the first time. A few of the older ladies commented "They look so much alike they could be twins." We think the must have forgotten that we are twins! Also, with not cooperating in mind we had planned to go to the Botanical Gardens with AJ on Friday but the weather was a little too cold for Mommy's liking so we played here instead. The first pictures are from our trip to get pizza. There is a place here that has gluten and egg free crust that Kitt can eat and we both love it. We did get to see Aunt LeAnn for a little while on Saturday and she went with us to a party Saturday night. That's about it for this week but most of you know we have a big week coming up as we will turn two on Tuesday! We have lots of family coming to town starting tomorrow and not leaving until the middle of the following week so we know it will make for a fun time. We will see you next week with some pictures from our party.


  1. Oh great, girls, I can tell you are going to be lots of fun when we go Trick or Treating! Sounds like none of us will be wearing costumes. But wait, that means you won't get any treats???!!!

    I can't wait to see you on Saturday. I know Mommy is a bit concerned about the weather but I am sure it will turn out to be a lovely day and we will be able to play outside.

    Enjoy your week and have fun on Tuesday!

    See you real soon!

    Love, GAMA

  2. Only 23 or so more hours, Angels! :)

  3. I am crossing my fingers that I do get to see you two in costumes at some point on the blog!! You will be too cute, I just know it