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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Pickin'

As you can see in the pictures Mommy thought it would be a fun idea to take us to a pumpkin patch. There are several in the area but most of the actual farms are over an hour away. She thought about going all that way but instead decided on a patch of "already picked" pumpkins at a local church. It's a good thing that's what we did! Garet started crying as soon as we got there when she saw a big cardboard black kitty cat. She didn't like the pumpkins either at first but eventually warmed up to them. Kitt could have cared less about the pumpkins...she just wanted to wear the camera bag around her neck. Oh well! Maybe next year we will get a little bit more into the Halloween spirit....or maybe not :) We did some other fun things this week, too. On Friday we went to the Taqueria with Mommy and Karol. It had been a long time since we were there. You could tell everyone missed us but they kept talking about how big we had gotten! We even ordered our food off the menu instead of eating what Mommy brought us. Well, Garet ate, and Kitt played with her chips and dip (salsa). We got to see Parker on Monday but neither Mommy nor Aunt LeAnn took any pictures! He is walking now; it won't be long before he is running around with us. You can also see Kitt's new raincoat in the video where she is rocking away. Even Miss Nancy at school couldn't get her to take it off! That's about it for us this week. Of course, we have some fun things planned for this week, too, and will update you next week.


  1. My, oh my, oh my! Where did all those pumpkins come from? Garet, I'm sorry you were frightened by the halloween characters but I'm sure in time you will look forward to seeing them every year and the candy treats that go along with them. And, Kitt, I see you are carrying around 2 dolls. Are they twins like you and your sister? Also, I really like your shirts. Is that Elmo I see on one of them? I enjoyed Skyping with you yesterday, even if you didn't seem too interested in talking with me. Poppy will be going camping this weekend but I am looking forward to seeing you both for your birthday in a couple weeks. Bye for now and love you lots! ...Poppy

  2. As always, I loved seeing your blog this week. I always love when there is a video, and this week there were two! What a treat. I'm counting down the days until I fly up to spend a week with you two. I think Poppy said everything I wanted to tell you so I won't repeat what he wrote. Thinking about you two daily. Love and kisses, Granny

  3. Hi Angels!!!

    What a fun week you had, though it looks like you two have fun every week! Your mommy sure plans fun things for you to do.

    Garet, is that Em-mo on your shirt?!?! I bet you were excited to see him, huh? And, Kitt, you look smashing in that raincoat. No wonder you didn't want to take it off. Is that your sister saying "cute" in the video again? If so, I'm sure she's talking about your raincoat.

    I'm counting down the 11 short days until I get to see you again and celebrate the joy that is your birth.

    I love you more and more every day you're alive,
    Aunt Kristen