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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The past few days

Well now that we are all back in town so are Grammy (Daddy's mommy) and Granny (Mommy's mommy). Grandpa (Mommy's Daddy) was here since Thursday but he went home today. Garet will especially miss him as they were late nght snacking buddies in Pensacola for the days she was down there. Today Granny and Mommy took us for a walk and there were some girls selling cookies at Walgreen's. We got some....delicious! Hopefully one day we will get to sell cookies, too! There are some pictures below of us over the past few days. We wanted to be sure you got to see our new cloth diapers. Well, actually we've had them for a long time, but we're just now really big enough to wear them and Mommy is glad that Granny is here to wash them!!!! In other news, you will all be so happy with our new weights. Kitt weighs 9 pounds, 9 ounces and Garet weighs 10 pounds, 2 ounces! Must have been all that late night snacking with Grandpa.

Remember Kitt has her surgery on Tuesday and there won't be any pictures until she gets her new eye but there will still be updates. Enjoy these pictures. There were so many that Mommy started a new Snapfish album so feel free to check them out at:


  1. Yeah, big girl diapers! You two certainly are putting on the pounds nicely now.

    Lovely to see you girls in the loving arms of your Grammy Bertha. In that pic, I love the way Garet is looking over at Kitt. I think she is saying, "I heard you have to leave me again, Kitt. I know those doctors will make you all better. Hurry back home so we can be back playing together."

  2. Hi Sweet Angels!
    I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. To be honest, I have been very, very, VERY angry since your Grandpa called to tell me the news about Kitt's eye. Every time I logged onto your blog since, I just started crying and didn't know what to write. In fact, even now, there's a big lump in the back of my throat, and I'm fighting back tears. But I'm trying to take a cue from your very strong Mommy and be optimistic about the situation. Kitt, my mind will not leave you on Tuesday, not for one second. And, Garet, as your GAMA alluded to, twins have a special bond, and I wouldn't be surprised if you sensed that something was not quite right. So I'll think of you also as your twin endures this.
    On another note, yay for cloth diapers finally!!! I'm so glad you finally fit into them b/c it's never too soon to be thinking about the environment. :) And it looks like you got some new outfits too - very dashing, as usual! I love you both very, very, VERY much. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO