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Thursday, February 4, 2010

February already?

So Mommy has been so busy taking care of us, she just has not had time to log us in. Don't worry, though, we are back now and will tell you what's been going on. You might remember that on Sunday Granny left. Later that afternoon Grammy and Granddaddy came. Granddaddy didn't stay long....he drove Grammy up but then flew back to Florida. Grammy is still here helping out with us some. There's a picture of her with Me (Kitt) below. So let's see.....on Monday I (Kitt) had to go to the eye doctor but since both Mommy and Daddy wanted to go they took Garet, too. The good news is that the pressures in my eye, which had been very high, have come way down so everyone was happy with that. Still no one really knows what is wrong with my eye so I just have to keep going until they figure it out. Later that day Mommy and Daddy took us on a walk. It was Daddy's first time walking with us! On Tuesday and Wednesday, Mommy took us on really long walks. Wednesday's walk was not just us. We went with two of Mommy's friends and their babies. We hope we will be able to play with those girls when we get big. Yesterday, we had to go to a Pulmonologist because we are at risk for something called RSV. We look great, according to the doctor, but we did have to get a shot to prevent RSV. We got weighed that day, too, and we are both over 8 pounds! To be exact, Kitt is 8 pounds, 1 ounce and Garet is 8 pounds, 5 ounces! On Thursday we met a lady who might be coming to help Mommy take care of us. She was really nice and just kept telling us and Mommy how beautiful we are and how lucky Mommy and Daddy are. We agree with her! That's about it for now. We will leave you with some pictures from the past few days. Check out the one with us both curled up on Mommy's lap and also the one with my (Kitt) hand on my sister's head! See you soon....


  1. Hello my sweetness-es! I have missed you so much!!! You look so much bigger and even more gorgeous each day. (And a lady never looked more dashing in a velour track suit than the two of you.) I am counting down the days until I get to hold you and meet you for the first time. Enjoy your time with Grammy Bertha! Aunt Kristen loves you lots. <3

  2. So happy that you are both gaining weight and doing well. I love the photos and look forward to seeing you again very soon! :)