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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Road trips

Yesterday, my (Brittany's) mom and dad came from Pensacola to pick Garet up. She will stay there until mid week. She kept them up a good bit last night but today they have had a leisurely afternoon. They went for a walk and hung out at home. I am sure they had a couple of visitors, too, as Granny is glad to show her off.

As for Kitt, the three of us left Atlanta yesterday and went halfway to Durham. We stayed with a friend, Jane, and then left this morning for Philly. We arrived after about 8 hours in the car and are getting settled in now. MaryAnne met us here and will be with us the entire time.

We know that there are so many people praying for all of us across this country and I have word of people in Egypt, Afghanistan and Swaziland as well. We are praying for a miracle but know that we will get through this no matter the outcome with the support of so many people who love us and our young daughter. We thank you now for your love, prayers, support and encouragement.


  1. Praying for Kitt this morning as she see's this new doctor. We love you!

  2. My prayers and love go out to you all.

  3. Can't get you all off our minds. We're continuing to hold you before our All-Wise God. Please keep us updated. We love you!