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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Missing everyone.....

We had such a great time last week with Granny, Grandpa and GAMA but now we are missing everyone! Emily, Frankie, and their mommy and daddy also moved this past week so we are already missing them, too. All that being said, we had so much fun with everyone here. We went to Imagine It museum one day. Mommy liked having lots of extra eyes to help watch us and we liked having extra attention, too. Kitt, of course, had a great time pushing the grocery cart there and Garet played with everything. Kitt loves grocery carts so much that when we were walking in the stroller with Mommy, we got to Walgreen's and Kitt started crying out and reaching for the carts! One day we went with Granny, Grandpa, GAMA, Mommy and Daddy to the North Georgia mountains. It was a lot of time in the car but it sure is pretty up there. Another day we stayed home and played because everyone was worn out from all the activity. Of course, Granny and Grandpa both worked hard while they were here so we thought we would give them a little rest from all the cleaning, laundry and handyman jobs! Granny and GAMA were in charge of bath time and they were a lot of fun! We were sad when everyone left but we know we will see Granny and Grandpa again in a few weeks and hope to see GAMA again real soon, too! There were so many pictures from this week that Mommy decided to put some of them into a video slide show along with a couple of little video clips for you to enjoy. Also, for any of you who want to look at all the pictures (170 of them) you can see them in the snapfish album by clicking here.


  1. What a great blog - I do believe Kitt is walking better than when I last saw her on Thursday. Keep up the good work, Miss Kitt Katt! I did, however, buy some plastic Easter eggs yesterday and put them in your shopping cart here. Maybe we can fill those eggs with strawberries or blueberries! I had a great visit with everyone this past week, and I am looking forward to our next visit. Love you lots, Granny

  2. Kitten, you're walking all by yourself!!! I was so excited to see that. Pretty soon, you'll be pulling that frog on the sting just as fast as your sister is, that little rascal!
    So you're a little down in the dumps, huh? Now you know what your Aunt Kristen feels like every minute she's away from you two! :)
    Have a wonderful week, my angels. I love you so much,
    Aunt Kristen

  3. Girls, Grandpa had a wonderful time visiting with you, your Mommy and Daddy and GAMA last week. The time went by so quickly but I loved every minute we spent together. You have both grown so much and are doing more and more with each passing day. Your Mommy has really become very good with her video productions and editing and it was great to review the week in pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon again. I understand you have some more special visitors this week and I hope you have a great time visiting with them. Love you! ...Grandpa

  4. Dear Little Darlings,

    To paraphrase the lyrics to the last song played, "Star light, star bright, please keep Kitt and Garet and all children around the world safe and free from care for their entire childhood!"

    That was a beautiful slide show, which shows how much your Mommy and Daddy watch over you and how much you are loved by so many.

    I know it will be especially difficult for your Mommy this week because so many of us left within one day. So, please let her know that even though your good friends have moved and Granny and Grandpa and I are back home, we will always be with all of you in our hearts and minds.

    I had a wonderful time with all of you last week. Although I have seen so many pictures of you during the past year and knew how beautiful you both are, I now have experienced your wonderful and unique personalities in person.

    I saw the sweetness of Kitt and the way she watched and observed people. How very smart you are, dear Kitt! I know you will always be the one to watch out and care for others and be charitable toward them. And, Garet, you do have your shy side but what about that little impish side of you??!! You would do something and then wait and look around for us to react. How clever you are! I can't wait to see all of the pranks you will be pulling on us!

    I can't wait to see you again! I love you both and your parents so very, very much!


  5. Always glad to see pics of the girls. Watch out,Garet, sister Kitt will be racing with you soon. Kandy