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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just goofing around

We had another great week although a lot of it was spent hanging out around the house and outside. Our new favorite place to play is in the old playroom (the sunroom) because it has a door to the outside deck. We love going in and out between the two areas. We went with Addie and her mommy to the zoo one day which was fun. Check out the pictures of the lions. You can imagine all the roaring we did that day!!! On Wednesday we had our first day at our new music class. It was fun but Garet took a few minutes to get comfortable. In fact, for the first 10 minutes she just stood in the middle of the circle watching Ms. Jennifer! We had another music class on Saturday for our multiples club playdate. Then we went with Mommy and Daddy up to Sautee, GA. It was beautiful!!! We wish the weather had been that pretty when we took Granny, Grandpa, and GAMA there. Saturday night we went to a 131st birthday think we thought Mommy and Daddy were old! So it was actually three people's birthday: a 60th, a 50th and a 21st. We didn't really care what was being celebrated. We just know we had a fun time playing. Now there is a video below that is for our true's 15 minutes long!!!! We will tell you the best part is at the beginning but for those of you who really like seeing us, we know you'll watch the whole thing. Enjoy!


  1. Dear Kitt and Garet,

    What does the lion say? RRRRRRRRRRRRRoarrrrrrrrrrrrr! Right! Wow, those look like some really big lions at your zoo!

    Thank you both for making me laugh so much while watching you two play peek-a-boo. That was the funniest video I have seen in a very long time. It was so nice to see the two of you playing together. I was just wondering how long the peek-a-boo game lasted. Mommy did a great job on the video and of course, we would all watch the whole video. Seeing your pics and videos are always the highlight of my week!

    Kitt, you looked so studious as you were reading your book. And Garet, are you learning how to tie shoelaces already? How very smart you girls are!

    I was also glad that you had beautful weather when you took your trip tp the Georgia mountains. Your family photo is so very sweet!

    Have a great week my sweet angels!



  2. Good morning Girls, What a great video your mommy sent to us this week. Like GAMA, I laughed through most of the video! It was terrific! I could hear Grandpa downstairs laughing when I was upstairs so I know he enjoyed it, too! Princess Garet plays the part well as her sister is pushing her in the wagon and fetching her doll that she "intentionally" threw out the wagon. It was not an "Uh Oh" moment! Kitt, you are walking so well - it's fun to watch you carrying your toys all around the deck. I hope this is an exciting week for you and a very Happy Easter! Love you lots, Granny

  3. Kitt and Garet, you have made my day! This is one of the best blogs yet and I loved listening to you laugh and especially liked the way you play so well with each other. Keep up the great progress you are both making and i'm looking forward to seeing you both again soon. Love you! ...Grandpa

  4. OMG! How did I ever forget to comment about the green wagon section of the video?! How very cute. Kitt, you were so nice to push Garet around and to also get her toy when she threw it from the wagon. You are a very kind sister!



  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!
    LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! Hehehehehehehehehe!
    Thank you, Kitt and Garet, for always
    giving me a reason to grin from ear to
    ear with utter happiness.
    I love you and love watching the sweet
    angels you are becoming each day,
    Aunt Kristen