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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here, there, everywhere!

Well, we were such busy little girls this week! Sunday night Grammy and Granddaddy arrived for a short visit. On Monday we went with Mommy to Adeline and her mommy's house. You will remember that Adeline is our friend from the NICU. We had such a fun time playing with her, her toys and having lunch on her patio. Then Monday night a really bad storm came through our neighborhood and knocked down trees. It also knocked out our power for two whole days!!! Can you imagine? We went one day without ourbreakfast smoothie and that was not good for anyone! The next morning, Mommy made Daddy take the blender down to a neighbor's house to make it. (Most of our neighbors had power....there were seven houses that took so long to get it back). Not much else was different for us except that we couldn't listen to music during meals. Another day we went with Harry and his mommy, Ashley, to the zoo. It was busy as the school kids had vacation but we still had a fun time. As you can see we really love eating spaghetti (well....really, what don't we love eating?!?!) On Saturday we had a photo shoot and got lots of pictures taken so we will look forward to showing you those. We have some fun things planned this week, too, so we will see you next week!


  1. Hi girls! It is so good keeping up with you on your blog. It sounds like you were very busy this week playing with your Grammy, Granddaddy and friends. I'm sorry you were without power for so long but somehow suspect it was more of a problem for your Mommy and Daddy than it was for you. Your Granny and Grandpa were in a place called New Orleans this past weekend visiting with your Great Aunt Joan and Great Uncle Oliver. We had a good time and your Granny managed to find a couple ticky tacky souvenirs for you girls! :) I'm looking forward to seeing the photos taken Saturday. Have a great week! Love you! ...Grandpa

  2. Hello Kitt and Garet, I love your new "skort outfits!" As always, you two are styling! It appears Adeline really enjoys being with you. I must tell you I have a picture in a frame of your Aunt Kristen who has a "spaghetti face" just like your faces. Because Great Granny Rasmussen made delicious meatballs and spaghetti, we always asked her to make them when she came to visit us from New Jersey. Please don't listen to Grandpa - the things I bought you in New Orleans are "adorable" - just like you two! Great Aunt Joan would agree! Have a great week. Love you lots, Granny

  3. Hi Angels!
    You look beautiful as ever. No! Make that even MORE beautiful than ever, if that's possible. Did you get some new shoes for Spring? They're very fetching. I'm counting down the days until I can see you again. Thank you for being the highlight of my week.
    Love you lots!