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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to the grind

We are back at home, all safe and sound! The trip back to Atlanta from Pensacola was a lot better than the one down there. Mommy and Daddy found a playground near Auburn that was great! We had lunch there and played for about an hour before we had to get back in our car seats for the rest of the trip. Lucky for Mommy and Daddy we got right back on our normal sleeping schedule of 13 hours at night and a two hour nap! On Tuesday we got to spend some time with Parker. His mommy, Aunt LeAnn, went out for a girls' day with Mommy which meant we stayed here with two babysitters. What a fun time we had! Unfortunately, Mommy didn't take any pictures. Maybe Aunt LeAnn did?!?! We are back to music class and even got two sessions this week to make up for one we missed. We also got to see Nanny again which was nice. We had missed seeing her and liked having her back while Mommy took a little break. Why anyone would ever want a break from us is beyond comprehension, isn't it? On Friday we had a play date with our friends Madi, Alana and their Daddy. We had so much fun playing in the park. We also had another play date at that same park but with kids a little older than us. We weren't quite sure what to do around the bigger kids. Maybe next week we will warm up to them a little bit more! On Saturday, when we woke up from our naps, Daddy had set up a great surprise for us: the pool and our sand/water table! We were so excited to see it all and had such a fun time playing outside. He even had music on for us to listen to when we got out there. The last two pictures are us in some of the new dresses GAMA sent. We think they're beautiful, and Mommy agrees, but she also thinks we are starting to look more like little girls and less like babies! We hope you have as fun a week as we will have.


  1. Looks like fun, fun, fun is the order of the day, as it should be, for you girls. I am so happy to hear that you slid easily back into your normal schedule. It still seems so quiet here since you returned home. I sure do miss you both. Kitt, I love the photo of you sitting next to the little piano with your arm propped up on it. I could almost hear you singing a tune! And I'll bet you are excited to have a swimming pool right in your own back yard. All that water so close by. I can't say I was very surprised to see you sitting in your little rocking chair. I know you love to go rocky-rocky! And Garet, is that a ball I see you holding high over your head? Ball-ball! You look so cute with your arms outstretched in another photo. You girls look so pretty in your new dresses that GAMA sent you. I hope one day you'll realize how fortunate you are to have a Mommy and Daddy and so many other family members and friends that love you so much. Bye for now and have a great week. Love you lots! ...Grandpa (or is it Poppy now?)

  2. And beautiful little girls at that!!! You look gorgeous in your new sundresses from GAMA and your new swimsuits! Is the sand in your new table as nice as the sand at Pensacola Beach, Kitten? You seemed to really like playing in that!
    I sure miss you ladies. But at least I don't have to wait TOO long to see you again in July. Until then, remember how much I love you!
    Aunt Kristen

  3. Good morning Girls, Like Grandpa said it's good that you quickly returned to your normal routines at home. Granny, too, is back to her normal routine with daily trips to the gym so I can stay fit for your next visit! I did have a massage after you left, and the girl said she had a hard time relieving the stress in my neck. I wonder if that had anything to do with the twice daily "kabooms" we did down the steps. I thought of you yesterday, Kitt, when I used your favorite purse for church. It really does suit you better than it does me. Like Aunt Kristen, I noticed some new swimsuits. I do believe you have a different one for each day of the week! You seem to have your own entertainment park in your backyard complete with music. Please, Garet, get some sand between your toes so next time I don't have to carry you across Pensacola's beautiful white sands! I heard that the blueberry patch is open for business so I must get busy picking in anticipation of your next visit. Not to mention blueberries are good for Granny's and Grandpa's memories. Have a fun-filled week. Love you lots, Granny

  4. Hello Girls,

    Your quick adjustment from P'Cola to home reminds me of the old saying, "There's no place like home!" I am glad you had a safe ride back and had such a fun week.

    Looks like you both are being very industrious at the sand and water table. And, of course, Kitt, you are just loving that pool. Hopefully, as the weather gets even hotter, Garet, you may get to enjoy the water more as well. Isn't your Daddy great for setting up the pool and table for you? Maybe he's thinking that you'll get him an extra special Father's day gift!

    I am so glad your Mommy got to see Aunt LeAnn. I know how those two love to be together.

    And, yes, I agree with your Mommmy in that you both are becoming sweet little girls and no longer babies. How quickly you two have grown.

    This is a special holiday weekend coming up. Perhaps you will get to go to a BBQ? As always, have a wonderful week!

    Much love,