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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summertime is here to stay (we hope)!

Summertime is here for sure and we are loving it! We had a couple of playdates this week which we always enjoy. (We think Mommy really looks as forward to them as we do because she gets to talk to other Mommies!!!) The first one was with our friend Castalia where we played in the sprinkler, with bubbles and with sidewalk chalk. She has a house that we enjoyed playing in. Garet even decided she would climb through the window!!! Kitt's physical therapist gave her some special inserts (with a big name we can't remember) to help her walk. They work great! Kitt has to wear shoes with socks now so we got to break out our One Fish Two Fish shoes that Auntie Kristin gave us for our birthday. We are glad they finally fit us. You can see that Garet has taken a liking to the baby. In fact she has a few books where she always goes to look for a baby. Kitt likes to play with Morris the Moose, the puppet. She even talks a little bit with him on her hand! Mommy won us the "Love Bug" shirts earlier in the year and we wanted to be sure you got to see them. In the spirit of "Love Bugs" Mommy tried to get us to kiss so you can see the best version of that kiss below. You can also see that as we get older we are getting to be helpful. Kitt helped with the diapers and Garet helped organize the cabinet where Mommy keeps the bottles. We also got to have ketchup for the first time. Check out the picture and see if you can decide who liked it better?!?! We had such a great weekend going to the Decatur Arts Festival where Kitt played in the sand box and also at our own little pool at home. That's about it for right now. Tomorrow is a holiday so we plan on giving Mommy and Daddy a day off, too :)


  1. My, oh my, oh my!!! What a great update and what wonderful photos. It looks like you girls had a really fun week and Garet, I'm happy to see you are starting to enjoy the water and sprinklers. Of course, Kitt, there was no doubt in my mind you would be in the midst of the water. I see you still have a liking for your purses and phone, Kitt. And I love the photo of you girls exchanging your first kiss or at least making an effort to do so.

    Now, let's discuss Skype this afternoon. I can't believe Garet wouldn't even look into the computer camera and Kitt was holding on to Mommy for dear life. Maybe you'll like it better next time.

    I hope you all enjoy the Memorial Day holiday. Make sure your Mommy or Daddy takes the time to share with you the reason we celebrate Memorial Day. Bye for now! Love you lots! Grandpa/Poppy

  2. Good morning Girls, I absolutely "loved" the blog you sent this week - so many adorable pictures. You're right - summer has arrived as I saw it was 90 degrees in Atlanta but you have found a great wait to stay cool! Like Grandpa said, it's good to see Garet isn't afraid of the sprinkler now. I was happy to see you with your baby Garet as your mommy always had a baby with her - she even put her in the shopping cart when we went grocery shopping. We also had to put "pearl topped" pins in her ears to give her earrings! It's great seeing you with your purse Kitt - too bad it doesn't go around your neck as that would free up your other hand for carrying something else. I loved all your pictures, but I have to admit my favorite was the two of you "attempting" to kiss each other. Maybe if you had kept your eyes open you might have found each other's lips!!! I hope this is another fun-filled week for you. Love you lots, Granny