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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pensacola activities and Mother's Day

Well, every once in a while Mommy messes up and types before she uploads the pictures. Because of this little mistake, you get to see the pictures first and then read about our week after the pictures. We're sure you won't mind :)

We have had a busy week playing at Granny and Grandpa's house and getting to see lots of people. Aunt Kristen came to town so that was a lot of fun. There are lots of pictures from the week including trips to the park, the water, the fountains and even to meet Elmo! As you can imagine Garet was a little scared of him but not as bad as you may have expected. The only bad news of the week is that Kitt had a little fall out of her wagon and we had our first trip to the ER. She is doing was more traumatic for Mommy and Daddy than it was for Kitt. The worst part about it is she can't play in the water for 5 days! Today we celebrated Mommy and Granny for Mother's Day. GAMA sent flowers (you probably saw the picture above) and we got Mommy a gift certificate for a facial. We also made Granny something special that you can see above. Aunt Kristen and Uncle Michael also bought a photo shoot for all of us to share (Mommy, Granny and the two of us for when we come back this summer). Daddy had to go back home today and we miss him already but will have a fun time staying here one more week until he comes back to get us. While we love our Mommy very much and think she is a superwoman, we know there are lots of "mommys" who love us from near and far and take care of us. We would not be where we are if it were not for you, too. Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

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  1. You two girls wrote the most beautiful "Mother's Day" blog ever. How very sweet of you to recognize your Mommy plus all of the other "Mommys" who love you so very much.

    That was a lovely 3 generation "Mother's Day" picture of both of you with your Mommy and Granny. I am very excited to see the pictures that the photographer will be taking of all of you. That was a great gift idea from Uncle Michael and Aunt Kristen.

    Way to go, Garet. You did so well with Elmo. I am very proud of you. Are you missing your boyfriend, AJ, or have you moved on already? Also, I thought it was very nice of you to feed your Auntie Kristen. She looks very happy and appreciative.

    And now for Kitt. I am so glad that you are okay. I know you love your wagons but try to stay inside them from now on. Oh, and I see from one of the pictures that you are still holding onto Granny's purse. I hope she has lots of money in there!

    Enjoy another week in P'Cola. Despite the fact that you can't go in the water for 5 days, I am sure you will find fun things to do.

    Much love,