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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Changing scenery.....

This week we did a lot of our normal things but we also changed locations......we went from Georgia to Florida! We went to the library in Atlanta for story time and then went with our friend AJ and his mommy to the park. There are some fun pictures of us at the park. AJ seemed to take a liking to Garet and he was trying to give her a hug in one of these pictures. On Wednesday, Granny arrived to help get us ready for our trip to Florida. Of course, we had a great time with her and did some fun things while she was here. Mommy needed her to help out a lot so she could get her hair cut and also do her final requirement for her school certification. That meant she had to work extra hard but she did great and we had lots of fun. Granny also went with us to our 18 month doctor check up which went well. We are growing, growing, growing and doing great! On Friday we came to Florida. Granny transformed her dining room to a play room for us. You can check it out in the last picture. It may have not been our best road trip down here but we were so tired of sitting in our car seats when Mommy and Granny tried to put us in high chairs. Needless to say we were antsy at the restaurant, only took short naps when we got back in our car seats and then needed some entertainment. Luckily for everyone, Granny sat on the floor between our seats and talked to us and made us laugh the last two hours of the trip. We have been having lots of fun since we've been here. We have gotten to see Auntie Kristin several times. She took us to the park today with Mommy which was a lot of fun. Uncle Mark has come over a couple of times, too. It had been a really long time since we last saw him. He thinks we've changed a little since we last saw him in August! Yesterday we went to a park that has water coming up from the ground. Garet liked it some but seemed a little scared of the water. Kitt, on the other hand, loved it and kept going in and out of the fountains. She was having such a great time. She was moving a little too fast at one point that she tripped and banged up her forehead pretty badly. It didn't keep her down. A minute later, she was up and playing in the fountains. Garet preferred to chase the birds and other things she found in the grass. Today we played in the water some more, although Garet preferred to walk around with Grandpa while Kitt played in the water with Granny. Kitt decided she needed to inspect the tomato plants, too! We also went for a little ice cream treat, too. YUMMY! We don't know what all Mommy has planned for us this week but we know Daddy will come down for most of the week and we will also get to see Aunt Kristen. It will be lots of fun....we are sure of that!


  1. Aunt Kristen feels like she's missed so much already! I hope you save some fun activities for when she is there. Although just getting to see you again is all she really needs. Have a wonderful week, my angels! I can't wait to see you both in just five short days.
    Love you lots and lots,

  2. Hello Girls, I loved your pictures and everything your Mom wrote but Granny is "too tired" to write anything more! Just kidding! Your daddy calls me the "Energizer Bunny" so I must live up to that nickname! Love you even more when you're here with us! Granny

  3. I can't believe that it is Thursday night and I am finally writing to my favorite girls! I read your comments and saw all of the fantastic pictures on Sunday night and then had to run to the TV to listen to the Pres. convey some very important news. I forgot to go back and right to you both. Sorry!

    I am glad that you are having a wonderful time in P'cola. How lucky you are to have so much time on that great beach and to spend a relaxing time with your P'cola grandparents and Mark and soon, Aunt Kristen and DADDY! And now you have yet another playroom. Who needs a dining room anyway?

    So Garet, AJ seems like a wonderful choice for your first boyfriend. AJ is quite adorable and he looks like he is doting all over you.

    And poor Kitt! I see that your granny is making you carry her big and heavy purse. Be careful! First it was Garet making you push her in the wagon and now your own Granny making you carry her stuff! What's a baby to do? Also, you might be a bit big for that pail that you are trying to sit in. But you do look so cute.

    Well, I will check up with you in a couple of days on that very important Sunday for Moms!