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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Every day is different!

We sure think we could get used to summertime! We went to the pool several times and love it a little more every time we go. The baby pool is nice because we can even sit down and still not be under water. We also played with our water snake in the backyard which we still like. You can see how much we enjoy our sand and water table, too. Kitt likes to play with the sand while Garet likes to throw the sand out! Speaking of Kitt, as you can see, she has figured out how to climb so that she can flip the switch on and off. Oh she loves to do that and watch the light and fan go on and off. We have a couple of funny stories to share this week. One day Mommy went in to get Kitt up from her nap and her diaper was off! Luckily there was nothing "too" messy but when Mommy asked Kitt about her diaper, she held it up. On another day we went shopping with Mommy to try on some shorts. When Mommy went to try them on, Garet started saying "tee-tee." Maybe we are trying to tell Mommy we want to try to use a real potty but probably not quite yet. Another day during nap time, Mommy heard the radio in our room. She looked at us on the monitor and saw Kitt pushing buttons on the sound machine. Guess she was tired of all the white noise! This morning before church we went to Hippo Hopp. We were the first people there and got to watch all the inflatables wake up. It was so nice to have the place to ourselves. This was the first time we had been since Kitt has been walking so she had a fun time exploring. Garet had a fun time climbing--first onto the table and then to the top of the castle to see what it's like to be Princess Garet! On Friday we had such a fun playdate with Karol, Sam and AB. We played at the park and then went for lunch at the Taqueria. The first three pictures are from that day but Karol took so many great pictures Mommy wanted to share all of them with you by clicking here. We sure are having a fun summer and hope you are, too!


  1. I can see why you girls are enjoying summer so much. You've been very busy playing from morning 'til night. You looked like Queens sitting in those big chairs and was that a castle that you were going in and out of? Sounds like you're both becoming accustomed to the water. I bet you'll be swimming before too long. Such fun! Speaking of fun, Grandpa really enjoyed Skyping with you both yesterday. I was so happy that you seemed to enjoy it as well. I'll be looking forward to doing that again. Well, Grandpa has to get back to work, so take care sweet darlings. Love you!

  2. I can see it was another exciting week for you girls; however, I also hear about the tricks you are "pulling" on your mommy! Being in the pool is the best place to be in the hot summer sun so it's fun to hear you are enjoying the pool more and more. There never seems to be a shortage of toys with which to play. Great Aunt Joan wants to know where you keep all of them! As usual I'll look over your blog every day until the next one comes out next Sunday. Love and kisses! Granny