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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where to begin?!?!

This was such a fun week. Of course, Daddy had the day off on Monday so we went to the park to play, went to the pool and also got out the bounce house! We got a couple of new push toys this week from GAMA that as you can tell Kitt plays with a lot. Occasionally Kitt shares them with Garet! As you can see we went to the pool several times and one time Nanny went with us. It was so hot this week that when we went to Walgreen's Mommy found this really cool water snake. We both loved it! There are some pictures and even a short video. We tried to tell Mommy you all would want to see us from the front playing with it but she was worried about her phone getting wet. Oh well! On Friday we went with our friend AJ and his mommy to the zoo. We saw so many people there that we knew! You can also see us practicing our drumming skills. We played the drum during the week at music class and then realized that we had drums just like Miss Jennifer's at home, too, so we have been playing them here. We got to go to a party today at our friends Jen and Jennifer's house. You'll never believe what they have in their backyard: real, live chickens! They look a little different than what we know as chicken (what we see on our plate) but they were fun to see! Mommy has also been experimenting with some new foods that Kitt can eat. The banana muffins were not a big hit but the goldfish crackers were a huge hit (with Daddy, too!) Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures from the week. We will see you next week!


  1. Hello girls! Grandpa has been anxiously awaiting your weekly update and it was well worth the wait. Is that a new park that you went to? I love the big rings that you and your Daddy were swinging on. I'd like to try that myself. It looks like fun. Kitt, I can picture you pushing those new push toys all around the house. And Garet, You looked like you were really enjoying the water hose. I'm also happy you were able to meet some friends for play time. And then there were the pictures of the two of you checking out those chickens! Did they peck at your fingers? And as your Mommy said, they don't like the chicken you are used to seeing now but don't worry--it won't be too long before they are more recognizable! Get it??? Well, I'd better go for now. Have another fun week and I'll be looking forward to your next blog update. Love you! ...Grandpa

  2. Hi Cherubs!
    I've missed you both so much. I want you each to know that even though I don't have a chance to write on your blog sometimes that I think about you allllll the time and wonder what you are up to. I even go to your blog every day and look at your pictures again! And looking at the new ones each Sunday night is usually the highlight of my entire week. (Has your Mommy been reading "Super Aunt Kristen" to you so that you don't forget me?!)
    You two are becoming such beautiful, fun-loving, smart, curious and, most importantly, happy little girls, aren't you? Kitten, I really like those sneaker slippers you are wearing in the first photo. I bet they keep your tootsies nice and warm, huh? I hear you're becoming quite the walker!
    And GG, you are such a big girl sitting on that tire swing all by yourself! Do you think you and Kitt can take me there so that we can all swing together the next time I am in Atlanta?
    In the meantime, have another wonderful summer week; as always, I can't wait to see what you were up to.
    I love you very much,
    Aunt Kristen

  3. Good evening Girls, As usual, you did a grand job on your weekly blog. Like Aunt Kristen said, it is the highlight of our week. That Aunt Kristen is so observant---I didn't notice what Kitt had on her feet in the first picture until Aunt Kristen wrote about the slippers; however, I did notice that Garet is wearing lavendar shoes in one of her pictures. Your mommy loved purple/lavendar when she was a young girl. Her bedroom was painted lavendar, and her bedspread was a lot of different shades of purple! You two are so blessed to have GAMA who showers you with such neat things. Aren't we lucky to have her in our family as she is so generous to "all of us!" You girls never seem to lack for something to do so that makes Granny happy. I hope it's another exciting week for you and you stay safe. Love you lots, Granny