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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

We have had such a fun week doing some of our favorite things! We went to the park a few times. Once we went with AJ and his mommy but another time we went with the multiples club. There were bunches of sets of twins! Grammy and Granddaddy visited us for a couple of hours Friday morning and again for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. It was fun to see them again. You might be wondering why Kitt is wearing a hat in 95 degree weather but she wanted to wear it! This week had two important celebrations: Daddy's birthday and Father's Day. We thought two events deserved two trips for frozen yogurt. They gave us balloons which we loved and we loved our Georgia Peach yogurt even more! As you can see in the pictures below we are learning how to eat our spaghetti without making a mess :) The video above is our Father's Day present to Daddy as it shows so many special pictures of times we have spent together, beginning with a picture from last Father's Day. Daddy, we know we are "your girls" and you are our hero as the songs suggest. We love you very much, Daddy!


  1. What a treat to see the video tribute to your Daddy. You girls are very fortunate to have a Daddy (and Mommy) who love you so much. Kitt, I can't imagine wearing a woolen hat as hot as it has been but you don't seem to mind it at all. It looks like you both had a fun play day with A.J. I'm not sure I agree with your Mommy about your learning to eat spaghetti without making a mess. It looks like you are both wearing lots of spaghetti sauce on your faces. :) Since today is Father's Day, be especially nice to your Daddy and have lots of fun with him. Bye for now! L

  2. What a great job you girls did in putting together such terrific videos in honor of your daddy. He must be so proud of you girls - I know he sure loves you two just as you love him. I hear you're coming for a visit around 4th of July so that will be nice. Grandpa has a new grill so I'm sure he can "grill up" some tasty vegetables for you. Like Grandpa, I don't know about your not making a mess with your spaghetti. I do believe I saw spaghetti on Kitt's glasses. That's a good sign it must have been delicious. I heard that your mommy made some great tasting animal cookies for you. Garet, did the lion roar when you bit into him? I hope you have another fun-filled week - I know I will because I will probably look at your videos every day (like Aunt Kristen does!). Love you lots, Granny

  3. Hi Angels!

    Do you remember how little you were last Father's Day? You have grown SO much and gotten SO big in the past year, and I know your Daddy has loved being there for every moment of it. You sure are lucky to have a daddy (and mommy) who loves you so much!
    I had a friend come over to my apartment tonight, and she said that it looks like a shrine to Kitt and Garet b/c there are so many pictures of both of you in it! And I said, "Of course! Pictures of K&G are my all-time favorite pictures in the world. They always make me smile, no matter what type of day I've had!"
    And of course that is no exception with your blog this week. Thank you for putting up such fun pictures and updates.
    I love you both very, very, VERY much,
    Aunt Kristen