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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Homecoming week!

What an exciting week of getting to see some of our favorite people and going to some of our favorite places! First we got to see Parker and Aunt LeAnn. We always enjoy visits from them but this time we took them with us to the library for story time. Later in the week, Emily, Frankie and their mommy and daddy came to see us. We spent a few days together and had such a fun time. In fact, ever since they left, Garet has been walking around saying "Emi, Emi" and Mommy has to keep telling her that Emi is gone. We got to go to Imagine It twice this week and also for frozen yogurt a few times. We went to the pool a few times and even went to Sautee, GA this morning for church. One night we had a cookout with some of our twin friends, Alana and Madi and their daddys. It was such a fun time! Although we haven't gotten to see them yet because we went to bed early, Mommy's good friend, Dallas, from when she first moved to Atlanta, and her son, Malik are here to see us. We are going to go on a fun adventure with them tomorrow. We will let the pictures speak for themselves! See you next week.....


  1. Girls, It appears you had a very exciting week - the best part your very first friend, Emi, coming to visit you. I know you miss her, Garet, because your mommy tells me you keep asking for her. You seem to enjoy catching fish - keep practicing because I think Grandpa would love to take you fishing. Now it looks like you both like watermelon, and that is good because it is healthy for you. Kitt, you always seem to have a bracelet on your arm - I hope you are not going to be a fanatic for jewelry!!! I am counting the days until you come visit. I have a nice surprise for you. See you on Thursday. Love you lots, Mom

  2. Hi Sweet Girls!
    I have been trying and trying to write to you and I can never get my comments to print so I am only sending this quick message to see if I solved the problem. If so, I will be back with more to say. If not, then I will be one very, very sad....