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Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the road again....

What a week this has been! At home Nanny taught us to eat cereal from a bowl all by ourselves. Mommy took a few pictures so you can see how great we are doing! Now we also thought we would try our hand at feeding ourselves yogurt and that was not quite as neat. There are pictures of that, too! Kitt has figured out how to get out of her crib. You might be wondering how Mommy and Daddy discovered this. Around midnight one night, Kitt was crying and Mommy looked at the monitor to see Kitt straddling the top bar! Imagine everyone's surprise. The next day the crib tent you see below arrived at the door. We went with Mommy one day to the center where she worked before we were born. It was fun for her to see so many kids that were in Kindergarten when Mommy met them and now they are in middle school. We think it made her feel a little old, too, but she's not saying that. We had a fun play date at the park with some of our friends. There ended up being six babies there so it was a lot of fun. One highlight of our week was going to Sautee to see some really good friends. We even met four people for the very first time even though they have known about us and have been following us for a while! Finally we made it to Pensacola for a three week stay with Granny and PaPa (or Poppy, depending on what Garet is calling him on any given day). We are already having such a fun time hanging out with them and also with Auntie Kristin. Tomorrow we have our first swim lesson so we are going to get a good night's sleep so that we are ready for it. We hope you have a fun week although it probably won't be as fun as ours!


  1. Eating from a bowl?!?! This is BIG! :) Love the pink and green outfits.....I know another set of twins with the same outfits.

  2. Well, girls, your blog was so good this week, it's almost like having you in our home. Oh, wait, you are in Pensacola and it is great having you spend time with us. I'm still not sure what my name will end up being since Garet has vascillated between Pa Pa and Poppy but I do believe I am more partial to Poppy! But the good part is that I will answer to either one. Kitt, I'm not sure what you are eating in one of the photos but it looks as though you are really enjoying it or at the very least enjoying having it all over your face. :) I'm glad you enjoyed spending time with your new friends and I especially like the photo of you and your Mama in front of the waterfalls. Was that in Sautee? It sure does look pretty and so do you! By the way, Garet, did you get a nice picture with the camera you are holding in the photo? That's all for now and I'll be seeing you shortly. I hear you're having another friend spend the night with you tonight. I'll bet you're excited about having another friend to play with you. Bye for now!

  3. Girls, As much as I enjoy reading your blog every week, I enjoy it even more when you are here, and I don't miss a minute of your day. We're off to a great week starting with our swim lessons; however, I think we have a long way to go before you get the "splash, splash" conquered. I'm glad you're in bed now because that means Granny gets to go to bed too. Love you lots, Granny

  4. Hello darling girls!

    How are our two gorgeous Georgia peaches doing in beautiful P'Cola???? I bet you are having so much fun -- except for the swimming lessons, huh Garet? I hope today's lesson went better. And Kitt (the child who took to water like a bee takes to honey) I heard you loved putting your head all the way under the water.

    I loved all the pics. on your blog. However, my favorite was the last one. You two and your Mom
    all looked so beautiful! Based on that picture, your Mom looks great so tell her she should not feel old at all!

    Looks like all of the older children in the pictures certainly gave you all lots of attention. I hope you don't get too spoiled!

    How are you girls doing with your cereal? Are you still eating so nicely with your spoons -- just the way Nanny taught you? You are both growing up so quickly!

    Well, that's it for now. Enjoy being with Granny and Poppy and Auntie Kristin and everyone else you will be seeing!

    Much love, GAMA