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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lots of surprises!

We sure are enjoying the time we get to spend with Granny and Poppy, but we also had some fun surprises this week. Aunt KK (as Garet now calls Aunt Kristen) came from Washington, DC to visit us, and of course so did Uncle Mark. The biggest surprise was that Daddy came for the weekend. We think that our block message from last week worked and he couldn't stay away from us! In any case it was another fun week. You might notice several pictures that involve food but let us explain. You can see how much Kitt loves the new yogurt dip Granny bought for her. Kitt is a terrible double dipper but if you come to visit us, you can have your own container! Mommy also wanted to be sure she posted a picture of Kitt's first ever sandwich since Mommy found some bread here that Kitt can eat. We both really loved our sandwiches. We got to spend some time with Auntie Kristin, too, and really enjoy all of the new adventures every day. One day we had a professional photo shoot that was a gift to Mommy and Granny from Aunt KK and Uncle Michael for Mother's Day. It was a little hot when we went but we looked pretty, of course, and Mommy will be ordering some pcitures soon. This is our last week here so we hope to make the most of it. We hope you enjoy the fun pictures of the week and also the little video!


  1. Your mommy was right in saying it has been a busy week! We're hoping there will be no rain this week that will keep us inside as we like to go to our neighbors' pool every day even though there are no pictures of you in the pool. We all like to eat after all these activities (especially the pool); consequently, Granny has put on a few pounds - chips, dip and ice cream are usually not here unless company is here. I'm looking forward to this next week with you and then the body massage the following week!!!! Love you lots, Granny

  2. Hi My Precious Angels!

    I miss you both so much!!! Did your Mommy tell you that I got a big lump in my throat last night when I was on the airplane and Bee Bo time came around?
    You are such a joy to be around in this new stage of your life, which has you eagerly exploring the world around you and even putting some of what you encounter into words! I can't get over just how smart you both are!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful memories; I'm already anxiously awaiting the time we can make even more.

    I'll love you forever,
    Aunt KK