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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little bit of everywhere!

This was yet another great week! We spent some time with Mommy's good friend, Dallas, and her son Malik. Malik was just a baby when Mommy first moved to Atlanta and taught school with Dallas. Malik was the boy who carried the rings in Mommy and Daddy's wedding and look how big he is now! We went to the aquarium together which was fun, of course! There are several pictures of us just hanging out at home during the first part of the week. Then at the end of the week we went to Pensacola to see Granny and Grandpa. Although Grandpa's name might be changing since as soon as Garet saw him she said PaPa! She has called him by name every time she has seen him and asked for him when she didn't see him! We have had lots of fun here swimming, playing in the sprinkler, going to the park, getting ice cream and even meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog. The picture of us with Clifford is a little blurry but we wanted to be sure you saw that Garet wasn't crying when she met him! Granny and Grandpa had lots of fun surprises waiting for us when we got here, the most exciting one being our dinner guest which you can see below! We hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend and we will look forward to seeing you next week!


  1. Girls, PaPa has loved having you spend this 4th of July weekend in Pensacola, which as you will learn someday, " the western gate of the Sunshine State, where thousands live the way millions wish they could." We had and are having such fun eating Dairy Queen ice cream and playing in the park. Although you may be too young to remember these early days of your lives, I will treasure them always. I'm glad you got to meet Miss Dallas and Malik and had fun playing with them. I'll bet they thought you two girls are very special! And how about Clifford the Big Red Dog? Was he a good reader or did he just say "woof?" I'd better go for now and take a nap so I'll be ready to play with you when you wake up from your nap!!! Love you! ...PaPa (I really like my new name).

  2. Hello my dear, sweet girls,

    Happy Independence Day! You both look like you were already getting into the spirit of the day with the flags you were holding. As you mature, I know you will cherish this day as you will understand how lucky we all are to be in this great country. You will realize that here in America you have the freedom to dream of being whatever and whoever you choose to be and nothing can come in the way of your dreams and happiness. Most importantly, you are surrounded by your wonderful parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and so many more friends and relatives who will help guide and support you through your lives.

    And, of course, now onto the things that you think are most important at this time of your lives....

    Congrats to both of you for not crying when you saw Clifford! I know he's big but he is a very friendly dog as I hope you both found out.

    It was nice to see the picture of Malik. He certainly has grown tall and even more handsome.

    Hmmm, so I hear Garet gave Grandpa a new name of "PAPA." How very sweet.

    And as always, Kitt is loving her water!

    Looks like Granny and Papa's house has had quite a lot of "Kitt and Garet renovations". I can see you two just move right in and organize everything to your liking. Smart girls!.

    Okay, well have a very safe trip home!

    All my love, GAMA

  3. Hello Sweet Girls, PaPa and I are sitting alone and missing you two. It is rather quiet around here, but the house is back to normal! It was fun, as always, having you here and visiting three new places - a park PaPa walks by every day, Granny's pool at her gym and the pool where your mommy as a little girl spent a lot of time there as she was "in love" with the lifeguard! It sure is good to see GAMA is back on the blog - I've missed her comments. Well, I'll be counting down the days until you come back for a longer visit. I wonder if I can find any surprises for you!!!! I'm so happy Elmo was such a great surprise, and now he's headed home with you. Have a lovely week, and I'll be checking in with you this week. Lot you lots, Granny

  4. Hi Precious-es!

    Did you have dinner with Elmo?!?! That was so nice of Granny to have him waiting for you when you arrived in town. You don't seem that interested in him in the picture, but from what it sounds like, you liked him so much he went home with you to Atlanta, huh? Elmo's so lucky to be able to spend time with you any time he wants! :)

    Speaking of which, your Aunt Kristen is counting down the days until we can all spend time together in Pensacola, which has always been a very special place to me but is even more so when the two sweetest cherubs in the world are there too!

    I love you very, VERY much and can't WAIT to see you both in 24 days.

    Aunt Kristen