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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leftovers plus new ones!

There are some pictures here left over from last week when we were still in Pensacola but they were just too good not to include them. Moving on, we had some fun days this past week! One day we went to Hippo Hopp with our friend Bridget. Our mommy and Bridget's mommy had us in their bellies at the same time so we have been friends since the beginning. We had a fun time playing with her and Mommy enjoyed seeing her mommy again. Another day we went on a nature walk with some friends from our neighborhood. We didn't get a picture of all of us together but there are some pretty good ones of us below. We are really growing and changing so much these days. Garet has a very extensive vocabulary these days and she likes to practice her words all the time! Kitt is getting to be an incredibly proficient walker and is communicating in lots of different ways. Mommy is borrowing a quote she read on her friend's Facebook page (who is also one of our most faithful readers, Holley). It said, "To live with children is to live in a house where miracles unfold everyday." Mommy says that is so true here, too, and she loves watching us grow and change. Knowing you will want to see us move a little, too, there is a short video below. We really enjoy dancing so here's a little glimpse for you. We have some fun things planned this week and then we will be going back to Granny and PaPa's house for an extended visit. Next time we post, that's where we'll be!


  1. Great blog and great dancing girls. I'm looking forward to seeing you again this weekend. Love you lots! Poppy

  2. Like Poppy (or whatever Garet calls him!) I'm counting down the days until you come. I have a couple new purses that Great Aunt Joan gave me for you; and, of course, I found some denim jeans for both of you. As always, I loved the blog. Love you lots, Granny