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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to the grind!

By the looks of the pictures this week we didn't do a whole lot but that's not true. Apparently now that Mommy is on her own most of the days again (now that we're not in Pensacola anymore) she has forgotten how to take great care of us and take pictures! We just think we're going to give her more time to get back in the swing of things. Anyway, we had a very busy week complete with a visit from Aunt LeAnn and Parker (or Parky, as Garet calls him) and a visit from Emily, Frankie, and their mommy and daddy. We got to spend a day with Parker which was lots of fun. Thank goodness Aunt LeAnn took some pictures while they were here. Don't we all look so cute on the bench? We also went and had pizza AND ice cream with Emily, Frankie, their cousins, their mommy and daddy, their aunt and uncle and their grandparents! The cool panda hats are from Karol--all the way from China! Kitt likes wearing hers a lot more than she indicates in the picture below. We also got to see AJ twice this week and even went for ice cream two different times. Don't worry, Poppy; we won't let this take the place of our regular visits to Dairy Queen. Our biggest news of the week is that Kitt is a physical therapy graduate! We will miss seeing Nancy every week but are so glad that Kitt is developing as well as she is. We also started a short series of classes at Gymboree this week. We're still deciding if we like it as we did our own thing instead of participating with the other kids in the class. We'll see how this coming week goes. We have lots of things going on this coming week, too, so we better get ready for it. See you soon!


  1. Hello Girls,

    Looks like you had your usual fun-filled week.

    Kitt, congratulations are certainly in order! I know you worked very hard at your PT work, so take a big bow! And how lucky you were to have such a wonderful Physical Therapist who was both very knowledgable and also very nice.

    That's a very sweet picture of you two with Parker. Thank you LeAnn for taking the picture!

    Those sure are adorable panda hats. Garet, you do not seem to get the idea of how to wear your hat so you need to get a lesson from the queen of hats, Kitt!

    Garet, you sure liked to watch those bubbles go by! Soon you'll be blowing your own.

    Now I am sorry but I must lecture you girls since someone must do it. I know you are the two most precious children in the whole wide world, but you must not be SNOBS! Please play with the other children at Gymboree! I promise you will have even more fun. You never know what interesting ideas the other children may want to share with you.

    Have a GREAT week!

    All my love, GAMA

  2. Hi Beauties!

    I am so happy to see you both! Kitten, congratulations on completing physical therapy - I am SO proud of you!!! And I hear you picked up a couple new words recently too!
    And GG, will you please thank your Mommy for sending me a special video that allowed me to hear you show off your vocabulary? "Bubble," "cup." You are both so smart!

    I can't wait to see what fun things you did and learned and how you grew this week!

    Until then, I'll love you forever,
    Aunt KK

  3. Hello Girls, Poppy and I were out of town so I'm late responding to your blog; however, we were able to view it from our hotel room. Bubbles, bubbles everywhere on your porch - how exciting! I'm sorry there were no pictures of Emmy and Frankie, but I know you were happy to see them. I do like your panda bear hats - they might come in handy the next time there is snow in Atlanta! I know you're off to a fun-filled week; so as always, I will be looking forward to seeing your blog on Sunday. Lot you lots, Granny