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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hanging around

We had another fun week with lots of activities! Mommy and Daddy finished some things up in our downstairs playroom and you can see Kitt checking out the mirror! Mommy set up a felt board (we think it's to remind her of her teaching days) and she has stories that we can tell using the pictures from the books. Kitt especially likes to take the pieces out of the bag and put them back in. Garet's comment was "cute" just before she took all of the pieces off and threw them on the floor! We had several play dates this week and got to see some of our friends. Mommy took us to a different park for the first time which we really liked. It has lots and lots of push toys that kids can play with. Kitt liked the car and Garet was warming up her with her bat....look out Chipper Jones! Of course, we went for ice cream a couple of times and even had a trip to Publix. This week holds lots of new adventures for us, including a short visit from Aunt KK and Uncle Mark and also starting school! That's right....we are going to go to a morning program twice a week so we are a little nervous but a lot excited. Next week, we will give you a full report. There is also a fun little video of us hanging out at home. (Note: Mommy wants to go to sleep and the video still wasn't working so she will check again tomorrow. Be patient with her as she learns how to use her new computer!!) Have a great week!


  1. Hello Girls! I was getting a little worried that there might not be a blog this week but there it was just before Poppy went to bed. I love the video and photos showing some of your play time this past week. Garet, are you going to be a teacher like your Mommy? You seem to enjoy putting things on (or taking them off as the case may be) the felt board. And Kitt, I think you might be an engineer. You appear to be very inquisitive in checking out everything that was in the plastic bag. Are you girls excited about starting pre-school this week? I hope you like it and I want to hear all about your first impressions. Your new park seems like it has lots of fun things to do. I'll bet you enjoyed playing on the slides and in that play house. Oh by the way, you looked so cute giving each other a hug. Well, I'd better go since it's time for Poppy to start work. Have a great week at home and pre-school and enjoy the brief visit you'll have with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark. They're anxious to see if you still remember them by name--KK and Mok. Love you lots! ...Poppy

  2. Hello Kitt and Garet, As always, your blog was a treat for me. It looks like some girls are "sporting" new shoes for their new school. Did you get to pick exactly what you wanted? I can't help thinking it's mommy who is a little nervous about school - not you two - as you have been a lot of places and done a lot of things in less than two years that you've been with us. Who is the new girl with whom you're playing? It looks like she is having fun with you. I think I will enjoy visiting your new park when I come for your birthday. I know it will be cooler. Enjoy this week, and I'll be waiting to hear about your school. Love you lots, Granny