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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Playdates galore!

We had so many fun play dates this week! We got to meet a new friend and another friend from the neighborhood on Monday, but Mommy didn't take any pictures. We also got to play with AJ, Addie, Parky, Courtney, Lucy, and Eliana. Courtney and Lucy are baby twins that came and had tummy time while we tried to get a hold of their bottles! Eliana is about a year younger than us and she just moved here with her Mommy and Daddy from Texas. Our mommy used to work with her mommy and daddy several years ago so this was everyone's first time getting to see all the babies. We think we are going to be good playmates! Sherri came over one day to help Mommy since she was taking care of us and Parky. Three babies was a lot of work so it was a good thing Sherri came by to help! Daddy finished getting our downstairs play room cleaned up and we were so excited to get back to those toys. You can see Garet learning all about putting shelves together from Daddy. We had a fun visit with Addie as we hadn't seen her in a while. Her mommy made a special lunch that is a recipe from Kenya. Kitt was a big fan of it while Garet liked to dip her chips in it. This week reminded us of how many great friends and play mates we have! We will look forward to seeing you next week.


  1. Hi girls! It's good hearing from you again and being able to see the photos of you and your friends. I was wondering what "tummie time" is because I don't believe I have heard that expression before? Garet, you seem very interested in helping your Daddy put the downstairs shelves together. I love how you're standing on your tippy toes so you won't miss anything. And Kitt, I see you have your favorite things all at one time--a new hat, bubbles, a cell phone and a push toy! I'm glad you both had a good week and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon for your second birthday party. Wow--almost 2 years old already. How quickly the time has gone by. Bye for now. Love you lots! ...Poppy

  2. Hello Kitt and Garet, It appears as though you had a great week playing with all your friends. Kitt, when did you find time to shop for a new hat? I notice you wearing a red hat that I haven't seen! Remember I have a hat box here for you to store all your hats. Garet, I saw you on your tip toes - no doubt trying to figure out a way to "do damage" to your new shelves. Now there will be no excuse to have your toys neatly picked up as you have shelves in three different rooms in your house. Maybe that is where Granny made some mistakes as your mommy's room was always a mess. That's why we referred to her after the book entitled, "Goose Goofs Off." I don't know that she has improved a whole lot with age!!!! Enjoy the rest of the week - I understand you will start your pre-school next year so I'll be anxiously awaiting a report about that. Love you lots, Granny