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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A great time, great to be home!

We are finally home! We had such a great time in Pensacola with Granny and Poppy. We will tell you that Garet consistently referred to Granny as Gan Gan all day today but we will see if it sticks. As you can see we had lots of fun in the water during our last week and of course, had a trip or two to Dairy Queen. Garet loves the water now and even jumped from the side of the pool to Mommy or Granny many, many times. We came home today and Kitt was especially excited to see her toy room. In fact, she didn't even want to eat anything....just play with her toys! We are not going to write much because everyone is so tired but we will let the pictures speak for themselves. There is a little video clip of some fun memories. For those of you who have been a part of our night time routine, you know about BoBo! Garet especially loves BoBo, the Baby Signs Bear and gets so excited everytime she sees him on our nightly video. Mommy loves Garet's reaction at the end when she realizes BoBo is gone for the night. Sorry that part is a little jumpy on the video but Kitt wanted to help and she is still perfecting her videography skills! Anyway, to Granny and Poppy, thank you so much for everything you did for us these past three weeks, such as all the groceries, ice cream, laundry, etc, etc, but most importantly the time you spent with us and the love you showed us. We know Mommy enjoyed the extra help and Daddy was glad all three of his girls were in such good hands. We love you very much and love all the time we get to spend together. Mommy and Daddy often say they wish you lived closer, and we must say, we sure do agree with them! Our next visit to see you or your next visit to see us can't come soon enough! To everyone else, we hope your summer adventures have been as fun as ours. We will see you next week....


  1. Girls - It is so quiet around the house without you. Poppy and I both miss you a lot, but we can find the phone and the t.v. remote quite easily since we don't have to hide them from you!!! I went to the pool at the gym today; and a few of the ladies asked if I had been out of town since I hadn't been at the gym, but I explained it was hard to leave you two. I know you are enjoying your big cribs and all your toys so it is probably good to be back home. We will be counting the days until we see you for your big "second" birthday. Love you, Granny

  2. Hi Girls! Poppy here. Oh, how I missed you after you left for home yesterday, but am so thankful you were able to spend time with us. I'll miss our regular outings to Dairy Queen and hearing your cheerful voices when I arrive home in the evening from work. Garet, I see you were exploring my lawn tractor. Before long you'll be cutting grass yourself! And Kitt, don't you look like you're having fun pushing Elmo around in the stroller. I saw Mr. John today and he told me how much his family enjoyed your visit with them and going down their water slide. I'm sure you're happy being back in your own home surrounded by familiar settings and toys. Have you been to the Taqueria yet? Well, I'd better go for now but just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed your visit. Can't wait 'til I get to see you again. Love you lots! ...Poppy

  3. Hi Sweetness-es!

    Please thank your Mommy for posting the adorable video of you two! You are such big girls now going down the slide by yourselves. GG, was that you saying "Whee!" before you even went down?! And you know how hard it makes your Aunt KK laugh to watch your reaction to BoBo ending. Now you know how she feels each time she has to say goodbye to both of you. And Kitt, I bet the sign for "hat" comes in really handy for you, huh? Thank you for feeding your Uncle Mark like that. You are so kind.
    As always, I hope you have a wonderful week (and that your Mommy reads your Super Aunt Kristen book to you or shows you other pictures so that you won't forget who Aunt KK is)!
    I love you both very, very much,
    Aunt KK