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Sunday, January 31, 2010

See you later and thanks!

Well Granny left today. Mommy was really sad to see her go, and we guess we are, too, but we don't really know what good-bye means quite yet. Mommy says no one will give as good as baths and talk to us as much as Granny and we don't think anyone will take as good of care of Mommy and do as much around the house as Granny did. We know we will see her again real soon though! Here are some pictures of our month with Granny even though you've already seen most of them.


  1. ok, the last picture is of Kitt, right? She is cracking me up with the one eye open! Love you girls!! I'm so glad you've had this time with your Granny!

  2. I can't imagine how sad everyone was to say good-bye to Granny for a little while. And, I am sure that Granny is already missing you all very, very much! Now, girls, please remember to sleep well and be easy on your Mom and Dad!

  3. Well, your Mommy sure is right about one thing: You won't ever meet anyone who will talk to you as much as your Granny! In your entire life. You also have the absolute best Granny in the world, and I am so happy you got to spend that time with her. I love you both very, very much!!!!!