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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not bad for government work :)

So we slept late today (all three of us)! After our late breakfast we went with Mommy to take care of some business. She had something to do down at the county government office and said it was surprisingly efficient (that's a fancy word for happening quickly.) Everyone stopped to look at us which slowed Mommy down a little but we were great, as always. Then, since she put enough money in the meter for two hours we walked around downtown Decatur and went into a few shops. Mommy realized that we were really close to her acupuncturist's office so she called to see if we could go by for her to meet us. Mommy said that Kimberly was an important part of this journey, and thus we needed to meet her. There is a picture of us below. This afternoon we took naps, took a walk, played at home and went to bed.


  1. Hi Angels!

    Of COURSE everyone wanted to stop and look at you. After all, you're probably the prettiest and sweetest things they had seen all day, all week even! I'm so glad you had a chance to check out downtown Decatur. It really is a very New-York-funky little spot, which your Uncle Michael and I will tell you all about some day. (Tell your Mommy she kind of walked right into that one!)

    Speaking of Mommys, I go to the airport tomorrow to pick up your Mommy's Mommy, known to you as Granny!!! I know she missed you TONS when she was on her cruise. She told me that she found a cafe where she could get 15 minutes of Internet time for $2, and she spent that time catching up on your blog! In honor of Granny's return to the States, I think I'll write a reaaalllyyy long blog post. :) Oops, how do I erase that before she finds another cafe? (That last comment was in honor of your GAMA.) :)

    I can't WAIT to see you both on Saturday. I'm counting down the days. Spending time with you will be the best study break ever! Until then, take good care of each other, and lots of XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOs from your Aunt Kristen.

  2. Grandpa is looking forward to seeing you girls on Saturday!!!