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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're beat!

This morning we met another great aunt for the first time! Great Aunt Joan flew in from Texas. We took some pictures with all of them and then they all left. Mommy's friend, Kristin, came over to help out today and we had such a fun time with her. We played around the house and then went to the mall to walk around, just for a change of scenery with air conditioning. After some naps, we went with Mommy, Kristin, Grandpa, Granny and all the sisters to a really nice restaurant called The Grand Marlin. It had a beautiful view and we can't figure out why people say that tourism is down on the beach. There was no oil, the beach was beautiful and very busy! We drove down the beach for a ways and there were cars and people everywhere. That was it for today.


  1. So stinkin' cute!!!!! Love your new NYC tees from your GAMA, your new jean shorts from your Granny, and, especially, you!!!

  2. What a great "gene" pool you share. With such beautiful great aunts, you can't lose! We are so happy we got to visit you - even though the visit was short. You girls are adorable!!!! We love you, Aunt Trina, Aunt Joan and Aunt Bonnie