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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Finally Did It...

.......Wore Mommy out, that is. But we had such a busy and fun day, we wanted to tell everyone about it. So, we got Grandpa to log us onto the blog tonight. (He's such a slow typist, we weren't sure we'd actually get to blog before it was time to go to bed). We were up at the crack of dawn and talked alot before Mommy came in to get us up. After we had breakfast, it was off to Barnes and Noble for Story Time. A nice lady, Michelle, read us the story, "Going on a Bear Hunt." Granny and Garet really got into the story but Kitt and Mommy preferred walking around the store. From there we went to lunch at one of Mommy's favorite restaurants, Norma's. We tried to get some of Mommy's bread pudding but she wouldn't share. :( After lunch, it was off to the jewelry store where we learned that diamonds are a girls' best friend (don't tell Daddy!). Then when we got home, we had some surprise visitors. Our great Aunts Trina and Bonnie were there waiting for us to get home. It was good to see them at first but they just won't leave us alone now. We aren't sure what Grandpa means when he tells us this is our gene pool, but we get the impression it isn't good. Well, it's time for bed, so goodnight everyone and we'll be back soon. We hope you enjoy today's photos.

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  1. Sounds like you ladies had another lovely day in P'cola. How nice of Grandpa to help Mommy by updating the blog with both of you. He did a fine job! Yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend. However, for now, when it comes to the "D" word, I think your Daddy would prefer that you like dolls over diamonds. I am glad you had such a nice visit with your great aunts Trina and Bonnie. They are really lovely ladies.

    By the way, when I first saw the pictures, I almost missed the personalized panties that you girls were wearing. How cute!!!!

    Maybe you can all stay home and just chill out for a day???

    Love, GAMA