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Monday, July 19, 2010

Driving already?

So many different things to report today! First, we wanted you to see the new elephant dresses that Mommy sewed for us. We really liked the ribbons on the shoulders in our mouths! We went to the mall today to walk around and we decided to try our hand at driving. We got in the NASCAR for Daddy and tried out a Model-T, too. You don't have anything to worry about it for a while though as our feet couldn't even reach the pedals! Mommy's friend, Kristin, came over for a visit this afternoon, too. She got here while we were sleeping but when we woke up she was here! Tonight in the bathtub, Kitt put both feet in her mouth. While you might be wondering why that's a big deal, Miss Cheryl, the physical therapist, has been trying to get her to do that for weeks. Mommy was very excited!

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  1. Way to go, Kitt! I bet you were just waiting for the right moment to show everyone that you could put both feet in your mouth. Hmmm, just wondering if you do one foot at a time. I tried doing both feet together and that's a bit tough.
    Glad you both had parental supervision while driving the car. Finally, please let your Mom know that her dresses looked adorable on you both.
    Love, GAMA