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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two days in one :)

Today: We got up this morning and got to our usual routine. After our morning naps, Mommy and Granny took us to the high school where Granny used to work. We had lunch with some of her friends. That is one big school! We went home and took naps again. Tonight we did something that we hadn't done in a while. We went for a walk to the park. Of course, we got in the swings and played for a little while and then we sat on this rocking horse (except it was a train not a horse). Granny held us on it so Mommy could take pictures. It was another great day! Tomorrow we are looking forward to seeing Grandpa, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Mark, who we haven't seen in a few days and DADDY!!!! We haven't seen him in almost three weeks. We have changed a lot since then so we have so many things to show him and tell him.

So here is the account of yesterday: We had a fun day today again! We went with Mommy and Granny to the neighbor's pool and had a great time. We stayed a lot longer than Mommy had planned but we were having so much fun she just couldn't tear us away. We stayed at the house the rest of the day. We didn't even get in our car seats at all! Kristin came over this afternoon to help out with us again, especially when Granny went to have dinner with her friends. We heard from Aunt Kristen and she is glad her big test is over and feels good about it.


  1. Girls, you are looking great and I'm happy to see you back at the park and in your favorite swing. Your Aunt Kristen and I are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I'm especially excited about your Daddy being there so he can help unload the cargo trailer we're bringing back from Gainesville. :)

  2. Girls - please tell your mommy not to take any more pictures that show all of Granny's "rolls" on her neck! They make me look like an "old" lady which I'm not! It's so much fun having you here, but I'm a little "exhausted" at the end of the day as the picture shows! Love you, Granny

  3. You girls need to go easy on your Granny! The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. Tell your mommy to explain that one to you. Miss you!