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Thursday, July 1, 2010

We have been very busy doing things around the house lately! Kitt had physical therapy yesterday which is going well. Today an occupational therapist friend of Mommy's came by to watch Kitt eat peaches and gave Mommy some tips on how to help with the baby food. Kitt did great with the peaches today and hopefully will get the hang of eating from a spoon! We went outside tonight and played on our blanket but Mommy saw two mosquitoes land on Garet's head! Luckily, we got inside before anyone got bit. Yesterday, Mommy's friend Joannah came over to meet us but Mommy forgot to take a picture! We went to the Taqueria for lunch which was delicious as always. Garet has learned to make a funny sound by blowing on her arm and Mommy keeps trying to video tape it but everytime the camera comes on, Garet stops! Hopefully Mommy will be able to get it on camera soon. Have a good night!

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