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Sunday, March 28, 2010

End of the weekend blahs.....

Today all of our company left. We did impress them all by sleeping until 8AM, though, and then waking up so happy! It was sad to tell everyone good-bye but we will get to see everyone again real soon. Mommy also was sad telling them good-bye, but we know she and Daddy are fully capable of taking care of us on their own. We will remind her of that this week! After everyone left, we both went to sleep for about 5 hours. Mommy and Daddy really hope we will be able to sleep with that big long nap so we will see how we do tonight. We also Skyped with Grammy and Granddaddy and then later with GAMA. Daddy was reading to us this afternoon from our Black/White books and showing us the cards. There are pictures below but they say these black and white cards are really good for stimulating babies' vision. We don't really know who "they" are but we've heard Daddy say that Mommy is a marketer's dream! Well, that is about it from here for now. We will see you later this week!

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